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Сadiz, Malaga, Alicante

Ehlzhbeta Chegarova - prosto_gost • 4 minutes read • June 23rd, 2016


is a small city, from where many tourists go to Seville (a 4-hour long drive by taxi that costs 240 Euros for 4 passengers - at the moment of our visit in the year 2010). We did not go there - since we were in Cadiz for the first time, we wanted to explore the city first. Next time, we'll go to Seville!
We were met by narrow streets and shops. Note that all the shops in Spain are closed for siesta after 1 pm (in the best case, after 2 pm) and they stay closed till 5 pm. So if you plan to go shopping, you should do that first, then walk around and see the city.  
As in any other city, the road leads to a church - Cádiz Cathedral. I liked the attitude of the local people toward the church - friendly, with a sense humor.
The next port was 


Here, we immediately boarded a two-decker sightseeing bus and went around the city.
The building behind the blue bell trees is the house of Pablo Picasso.
Besides the famous artists, this city is also the home to actor Antonio Banderas. It was a discovery for me, I never knew that he was Spanish! For some reason, I mistakenly supposed him to be South American.
We also find out that this tree was brought from America and it is called "a drunken tree." I wonder why?
This is one of the symbols of the city - a monument to the fish market. For some reason, we were told that this profession has since been lost.
I wonder, who sells fish now? We got off the bus and searched for a fish restaurant. Of course, we found one!
I was amazed by the sidewalks, paved with such beautiful stones (very similar to Green Forest)!
I looked at the entrance halls of Malaga.
Returning to the ship, we even managed to swim in the sea! The water was still cold, but we were able to sunbathe.
The city beach was within walking distance.
And finally, we arrived in 


Can you see our ship? We left it, passed the whole pier, then went across the beach, into the tunnel, and on the elevator inside the mountain. We climbed the fortress of Santa Barbara Castle (for free!).
Then, we slowly walked along the promenade by the waterfront.
Our cruise ended in Barcelona.
Author: Prosto_Gost
Source: prosto-gost.livejournal.com
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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