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10 Best Things to Do in St. Vincent

6 minutes read • September 27th, 2019
Dear cruise lovers, today we invite you to take a virtual tour of St. Vincent, the largest island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Pristine nature, beautiful beaches, exciting

things to do in St. Vincent

make this port a popular stop for cruise ships exploring the Caribbean. Its gardens, waterfalls, nature trails, and, of course, its famous active volcano turn the island into a perfect place to immerse yourself in exotic wildlife.
But first things first. Let’s check the 10 best things to do in St. Vincent and its capital, Kingstown.
Best Things to Do in St. Vincent
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1. Montreal Gardens
Take a leisurely walk, enjoy the fantastic views, breathe deeply, and admire a magnificent selection of tropical plants. The garden is located in the mountains and is a must-visit place.
2. Botanic Gardens
It is one of the oldest botanic gardens in the Western Hemisphere (established in 1765) and one of the most famous St. Vincent tourist attractions. We highly recommend you to take a guided tour – it is not just exciting but very informative.
3. La Soufriere

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No doubt La Soufriere volcano is the first thing that pops into your head when planning a visit to St. Vincent. This active volcano is the island’s highest peak (4,049 ft) and a place to hike, get acquainted with the history of the country, its flora and fauna, as well as to take breathtaking photos and make memories.
4. Vermont Nature Trail
It is a scenic trail through the lush rainforest. This hike is a great way to learn more about flora and fauna of the island, admire fantastic views, and even see the famous St. Vincent Parrot in its natural habitat. Are you ready for a real adventure?
5. Falls of Baleine

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This impressive waterfall is the island’s real wonder. A hike to it is exciting, the scenery is breathtaking, and a natural fresh pool is perfect for swimming. Accessible only by boat.
6. Wallilabou Falls
This small but picturesque waterfall is situated in a lovely heritage park. Admire nature, refresh yourself in the pool, take beautiful pictures.
7. Fort Duvernette

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Ruins of the fort are situated on a small island close to the mainland. Take a boat ride, climb to the top – and admire the fantastic 360-degree views.
8. Mt. Wynne Beach

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It is a cozy, tranquil black sand beach situated approximately 11 miles from Kingstown. Organize a picnic, sunbathe, have a good swim, enjoy snorkeling, and more.
9. Fort Charlotte

It’s time for history, beautiful views, and amazing pictures. This fort is a must-visit place on your sightseeing tour of Kingstown.
10. Byahaut Bat Cave

This cave is popular among snorkeling and diving lovers. And, yes, there are hundreds of noisy bats.

So, what do you think of this port of call? We bet you’ve found enough inspiration.
Have you already visited this island on a cruise? Please share your favorite St. Vincent things to do in the comments.
Map of the best things to do in Kingstown, St. Vincent.

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