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11 Most Heartwarming Decorations on Christmas Cruise

4 minutes read • January 10th, 2020
Yes, we just cannot stop talking about Christmas on a cruise. We cannot stop enjoying its unforgettable moments, incredible atmosphere, and beautiful memories. In the meantime, cruise lovers from every part of our world continue to share nice photos of their

Christmas cruise

, and we decided to put together pictures of the most heartwarming decorations. Are you ready?
Christmas Cruise
© Public domain/Pixabay​​

It's a winter fairy tale on Crystal Symphony.

Such a lovely snowman.

It is a masterpiece. An edible masterpiece.

Публикация от Dave Ellis (@davie7121)

Pictures don't even come close to doing justice to that incredible atmosphere.
Christmas on AIDAperla.

Lack of snow is not a big deal. Just look at Christmas decorations on Castaway Cay.

Santa's sleigh right on the ship's open deck?

Публикация от TIZZI (@zitzi71)

Or in the very heart of the cruise liner? Nothing is impossible.

Beautiful decorations on Celebrity Solstice.

So cozy and heartwarming.

It's the North Pole on Queen Mary 2.

It seems to be a perfect souvenir to bring home from the cruise.

Well, which photo did you like the most? Have you also been on the Christmas cruise? Please share your impressions and pictures in the comments.
By the way, you can check the TOP 15 nicest Christmas trees on the cruise by CruiseBe via this link.

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