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5 Surprising Cruise World Records

5 minutes read • May 31st, 2017
We all love cruises and everything connected with this type of vacation! No doubts that almost everyone knows the name of the largest cruise ship, for example! Nevertheless, several extraordinary cruise achievements will evoke a smile on your face! Let’s check the list of the TOP 5 surprising Cruise Guinness World Records!

1. The Most nationalities in a Jacuzzi
Photo courtesy of Guinness World Records

We bet that most girls would like to take part in this event! Do you know why? Because 30 travelers from 30 different countries were in the hot tub together with their pop-idols, Backstreet Boys! Are you excited? We believe those lucky beggars were really excited!

It happened on board the

Royal Caribbean

cruise liner during her 4 Day themed sailing in Florence, Italy. People from Switzerland, Germany, Norway, and other countries were asked to show their passports and spend at least five minutes in the hot tub! They would definitely like to spend even more time there!

2. The Largest glass of spitzer

Photo courtesy of Guinness World Records

It’s time for the record-breaking drinks! Costa Crociere S.p.A. mixed up the Largest glass of spritzer aboard

Costa Favolosa

cruising from Barcelona, Spain to Marseilles, France. Can you imagine 1,000.25 l (264.24 US gal) of the tasty cocktail in one huge glass?

Would you like to repeat this record? No problem, here’s the recipe!

You need:

• 667 bottles of sparkling wine
• 333 bottles of Aperol
• 167 bottles of tonic water

Mix the ingredients, add ice and orange slices, and enjoy the drink! Just don’t forget to share it with your friends!

3. The Fastest mile for a marching band

Photo courtesy of Guinness World Record

Sounds strange when talking about the cruise liner, doesn’t it?! Nevertheless,

MSC Cruises

cracked the Guinness World Record, when 21 military musicians overcame a 1-mile course in just 14 minutes 26 seconds!

Hundreds of guests spectated this incredible event aboard MSC Splendida moored in Southampton, UK. While playing military classics, the musicians marched on the pool deck of the cruise liner! Well, modern ships definitely have space for a good walk!

4. The Most selfies taken in 3 minutes

Photo courtesy of Guinness World Record

Donnie Wahlberg, an American singer, a member of New Kids on the Block, cracked the previous record for the most selfies taken in 3 minutes. It happened on the music band's themed voyage in Cozumel, Mexico in 2016.

Donnie took 122 selfies with the guests of Carnival Triumph for only 3 minutes! It was incredibly fun! Just check the video!

Unfortunately for Donnie, Alan Shearer, a retired English footballer, has just broken his record. It happened at Newcastle School for Boys on April 26, 2017. He was able to take 134 selfies with boys aged between 3 and 18 for 3 minutes.
Nevertheless, let Donnie Wahlberg remain the cruise record holder!

5. The Largest cruise ship to pull a waterskier
Photo courtesy of AIDA Cruises

AIDAbella became the largest cruise ship to pull a waterskier in the year 2010. Jan Schwiderek, a German reporter and journalist, water-skied behind the cruise liner for 6 minutes and 25 seconds at a speed of 18 miles per hour!

AIDAbella is the beautiful cruise ship operated by AIDA Cruises. She has a tonnage of 69,203 GT and a capacity of 2,500 passengers and about 650 crew members.
We suppose the man had a great time!

What do you think about these records? Would you like to take part in their attempts? We bet you would!

The cruise industry is growing rapidly at the moment. The ships become larger, the choice of onboard attractions become wider, activities become more and more extreme. Recently, Royal Caribbean International was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for its North Star that became the “Highest Viewing Deck on a Cruise Ship”! You can find more information here! And don’t forget to track CruiseBe News!

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