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7 Facts You Probably Did Not Know About Empress of the Seas

4 minutes read • June 13th, 2017

Empress of the Seas

is a senior cruise liner from the fleet of the

Royal Caribbean International company

. This ship, while void of the abundant and innovative facilities seen on other vessels, has plenty of options geared toward complete tranquility and relaxation.
1empress-of-the-seas.pngPhoto by: crownandanchorsociety/Instagram

Here are some fun facts about Empress that may impress you.

1. For the first time she set sail in 1990, under the name Nordic Empress and she was a part of the Pullmantur Cruise company for several years.

2. Nordic Empress became the first ship designated for 3 and 4-day cruises.
2empress-of-the-seas.jpgPhoto by: Aah-Yeah/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

3. One of the most extensive renovations took place in 2004, and the ship got the name similar to one, which nowadays other RCI’s ships have (“...of the Seas”).
3empress-of-the-seas.pngPhoto by: royalcaribbean_aunz/Instagram

4. Empress of the Seas is the only ship in a class of the same name.

5. Another major refurbishment of the ship, with a capacity of 1,602-passengers, was in 2016, and cost $50 million.
4empress-of-the-seas.pngPhoto by: cruise.shipstagram/Instagram

6. Formal clothes are not required when dining on Empress of the Seas.

7. A Cuban-themed lounge matches the ship’s route across the southernmost United States, with a vivid decor and vibrant paintings. The bar hosts several entertaining activities, including karaoke, dance classes, and game shows.
5empress-of-the-seas.pngPhoto by: avisha_kassir/Instagram

On board Empress of the Seas, passengers are free to explore the ship’s formidable grandeur and size. First-time cruisers, budget travelers or those who prefer a more intimate voyage, are sure to enjoy a leisurely trip on this lady.  So, don’t waste any more time… and plan your perfect vacation now!
6empress-of-the-seas.jpgPhoto by: Jonathan Payne/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

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