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7 High Street

7 High Street, Fremantle
History and museums
historic building, landmark, sightseeing

7 High Street, Fremantle is a historically-significant building in the West End of Fremantle, Western Australia. It was constructed for the Bank of New South Wales in 1899, during the gold boom of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and when Fremantle was a primary centre of trade and commerce. The building is largely unchanged since that time, and is a good example of Federation Free Classical architecture: a single-storey stone and brick construction, with fine timber features within and an elaborate stucco façade. The building comprises three rooms and a main bank chamber, and is on the corner of Cliff Street.

The Bank of NSW operated from the premises until 1926, from which time until the 1950s the building was the office of the Swan Wool Scouring Co. of WA.

The land was purchased by both R M Lyon sometime between 1829 and 1837, and R Brown in 1855 (it could be that there were multiple lots involved). Brown's son R M Brown inherited the property c.1872 and sold it to R King a couple of years later.

Pearse and Owston purchased the property in 1876 and seven years later sold a share to the Bank of New South Wales.

The building is listed on the Register of the National Estate, and the City of Fremantle municipal heritage register.


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