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7 Insightful Videos of Pier Runners

6 minutes read • June 6th, 2018
Recently, we talked about terms that can be understood only by cruise addicts (you can read the story here).
Well, our cruise vocabulary appeared to be pretty fun and interesting. And we actually have our favorite term in it.
Today we’re going to talk about “

pier runners

,” or rather watch 7 insightful videos about them.
youtube pier runners video
© Public Domain/Pixabay
As we already told you in the previous article, pier runners are people desperately trying to catch the ship that is already leaving the port. For some reason, cruise lovers have used this term with increasing frequency lately, and you can find numerous videos about pier running on YouTube. We selected the most insightful of them, and we can’t help but share these videos with you!

These ladies were just a few minutes late, and their vacation was spoiled:

Sometimes, pier walkers become pier runners:

Or even pier sprinters:

Somebody never loses his sense of humor:

They are fortunate, aren't they?

They missed the ship in Key West and rejoined her in Nassau:

This woman got herself into a really tough situation. She missed the ship with her children on board.

As you can see, some of them managed to catch up with the ship, while the others could only wave to their cruise liner that was slowly moving away from the pier.
We suppose pier running might even become a sport one day.
Okay, fun is fun… but it would be better to avoid such adventures. And it’s pretty simple, by the way. All you need to do is to adhere to several elementary rules. 

Tips on how not to miss the ship
  • Plan your port days in advance.
  • If you miss the ship because of a tour booked with a cruise line, the ship will wait for you; if that’s not possible, the cruise line takes responsibility to get you to the next port. Draw your own conclusions.
  • Keep track of time. Not on the mobile phone but on your wristwatch (mobile can automatically switch to the local time, and you need to track the ship’s time).
  • Always take the name of the port agent with you (he/she will be your contact person if you miss the ship).
  • Always take your passport and credit card with you (if you miss the ship and your passport is in your cabin, the ship’s staff will attempt to find it and will leave it with the port agent. He/she will give you your passport in the port).
By the way, you can use the CruiseBe App’s “Don’t miss the ship” alert. It will inform you twice: 1 hour and 30 minutes before the liner’s departure from the port.
If you see that you can miss the ship (or already missed her), you must immediately inform the cruise line or its representative in the port. If the ship can wait for you, she will wait. However, almost always, the ship has a strict schedule, and she will depart and leave the latecomers behind.
If this trouble happens to you, the cruise company will help you catch up with the ship in the next port: it will help you find a hotel (if needed), flight, etc. But you will pay all the costs (and they are pretty high). If this is the last port on your cruise, the company will help arrange the flight home (again, at your expense). Of course, you have the right to find cheaper options to catch up with the ship on your own. Anyway, you must inform the cruise line of all your intentions and actions.
We’d like to mention that sometimes there are unique situations when you have to skip the port in a certain country (for example, if the country only grants a visa when you arrive on the cruise ship).
By the way, there is an option to get on the ship that is already leaving on a water taxi or helicopter. However, this option is almost always unavailable. And, yes, its price is sky-high.
Of course, the situation ceases to be funny as soon as you (or your loved ones) find yourself in it. But let’s look at this from another point of view! At least, you can become a YouTube star.
Don’t miss your ship – and enjoy every moment of your cruise!
youtube pier runners video
© Public Domain/Pixabay

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