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7 Most Impressive Cruise Ship Refurbishments 2019

6 minutes read • March 6th, 2020
We all look forward to debuts of new cruise ships with their stylish design, modern accommodation, groundbreaking attractions. But we are also watching experienced liners loved by travelers from every part of our planet. Don’t you hold your breath as you wait for the results of a

cruise ship refurbishment

? So do we. By the way, these results appeared to be amazing in 2019. Just look at the transformations of Royal Caribbean International’s representatives.
Well, we decided to make a list of the most impressive cruise ship refurbishments 2019 by CruiseBe and wish to share it with you.
All right, let’s go!
Cruise Ship Dry Dock
Photo courtesy of Royal Caribbean International

7. SkySea Golden Era turned into Marella Explorer 2
Cruise Ship Dry Dock
Marella Explorer 2 
Photo courtesy of Marella Cruises

In March 2019, ex-SkySea Golden Era left the shipyard in Cadiz, Spain with a new livery and a new name. And, yes, she joined a new cruise family, Marella Cruises. The transformation lasted eight weeks. The ship was redesigned both outside and inside . She received new public spaces, including a luxury Champneys Spa.

6. Norwegian Cruise Line: Norwegian Joy
Cruise Ship Dry Dock
Source: NCL/Facebook

Initially, NCL’s Norwegian Joy was designed for the Chinese market. However, last year, the ship was “Westernized” and moved to Seattle, WA to operate Alaska cruises. Before turning the page, the ship underwent a major $50 million renovation. As a result, the vessel was adapted to the Western market. She got refurbished cabins, new dining venues, redesigned public spaces, an Observation Lounge instead of cabins on Deck 15, and more.

5. Celebrity Cruises: Celebrity Millennium
Cruise Ship Dry Dock
Source: Celebrity Cruises/Facebook

Celebrity Millennium’s revolutionary transformation began on January 2, 2019, in Singapore and lasted 25 days. All staterooms and suites were redesigned, as well as numerous dining venues and public spaces. The ship received The Retreat for suite guests, new boutiques, and more.
Let’s take a video tour of reimagined Celebrity Millennium.

4. Costa neoRiviera converted to AIDAmira
Cruise Ship Dry Dock
Photo by Piergiuliano Chesi/Wiki/CC BY 3.0

Cruise Ship Dry Dock
Photo by Walter Koch/Wiki/CC BY-SA 4.0

Last year this ship changed her name, appearance, and her cruise company. She entered San Giorgio del Porto shipyard in Genoa, Italy on October 30, 2019 as Costa neoRiviera and left it on November 28, 2019 as AIDAmira. The transformation cost AIDA Cruises $55 million and lasted a month. The ship was completely reimagined. Just take a look at her.

3. Windstar Cruises: Star Breeze
Cruise Ship Dry Dock
Star Breeze before renovation
Photo by Windstar cruises/Wiki/CC BY-SA 4.0

In fall 2019, Windstar Cruises and Fincantieri cut Star Breeze in half during her dry dock in Palermo, Italy. The ship was added a mid-section that resulted in 50 new staterooms for 100 cruise travelers. Besides, Star Breeze received two new restaurants, a new pool and whirlpools, a new shop, a reimagined spa and fitness center, and more.
This process is awe-inspiring.

By the way, you can check more stories and videos of cruise ships cut in half via this link.

2. Royal Caribbean International: Oasis of the Seas
Cruise Ship Dry Dock
Oasis of the Seas at the Navantia shipyard in Cadiz, Spain
Photo courtesy of RCI

Undoubtedly, every representative of Royal Caribbean that visited the shipyard in 2019 deserves to take place on this list. But we’d like to highlight the most impressive transformation, so...
In November 2019, Oasis of the Seas returned to service after a 63-day, $165 million amplification that took place in Cadiz, Spain. The liner got The Ultimate Abyss slide, The Perfect Storm trio of waterslides, a reimagined Caribbean pool deck, RCI’s first barbecue restaurant Portside BBQ, signature Bionic Bar, and many other exciting additions.
Yes, and here is the amplified Oasis of the Seas ship.

1. Carnival Cruise Line: Carnival Triumph became Carnival Sunrise
Cruise Ship Dry Dock
Photo courtesy of Carnival

Finally, here is an undisputed winner. In our opinion, of course. That was not just a refurbishment but the birth of the new cruise ship. This renovation became the cruise line's most massive one since the transformation of Carnival Destiny in 2013.
After a $200 million two-month drydock in spring 2019 in Cadiz, Spain, Carnival Triumph became Carnival Sunrise and joined the Carnival's Sunshine Class. The vessel received more than 100 new cabins, various dining venues, including Guy's Smokehouse BBQ, Cucina del Capitano, Bonsai Sushi, and many others. Carnival also added Piano Bar 88, Limelight Lounge, Liquid Lounge, SportSquare, Serenity Adult-Only Retreat, expanded retail spaces, Cloud 9 Spa, etc. Besides, all the liner’s staterooms were updated.
That’s how it was.

Carnival Cruise Line: Carnival Vista

In July 2019, Carnival Vista underwent a first-ever floating dry dock to repair the ship’s azipod propulsion system.

And which ship will undergo the most impressive transformation in 2020? Allure of the Seas, Carnival Victory, or maybe Celebrity Constellation? Stay tuned because we’re going to talk about it soon.

If you have any ship to add to this list, please share your thoughts in the comments.

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