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7 Reasons to Choose Cruise Lines Private Islands During a Cruise

5 minutes read • March 22nd, 2017
In the last article, we talked about the

cruise lines private islands

. Today we would like to tell you about the reasons to visit these islands.

Many people wonder whether it’s worth to take a cruise to an unknown island when you can visit another Caribbean island instead of it.
The answer is simple: it’s worth it.
There are many reasons for this! 
princess cruise private island
Princess Cruise private island: Princess Cays, Bahamas

1. Private island saves you money!
Almost everything on the cruise private islands is owned by the company, so access to the beach is free, sun loungers and umbrellas are free. Besides, such activities like beach volleyball or table tennis are also free pretty often.
cruise lines private islands

2. Private island is all inclusive! Well, or almost all inclusive...
Food on the private islands is almost always free. Moreover, you eat not at a local eatery, but in specially equipped restaurants. Products are brought from the ship. Everything is almost always cooked by the same crew that feeds you on the ship.
As a result, you get a tasty meal of high quality, and for free! It's worth it!
private island all inclusive

3. 18+. Alcohol of high quality.
There is often a risk to drink some obscure alcohol at the bar in regular ports. It will never happen on the private island. There are the same bartenders at the bars and on the ship. As a result, you get the alcohol of high quality at the ship’s prices!
Moreover, your drink packages are likely to work on the islands as well (It depends on the cruise company's policy. You should check the information provided by your cruise line)! 
cruise lines private islands

4. Safety!
Private islands are absolutely safe.
If there is the slightest suspicion of instability in the country where the company leases the island, the company either provides security or cancels visits to this island.
You can feel absolutely safe!
The same applies to food, beverage, and cleanliness.
The company maintains the same requirements on its own island and on the ship!
cruise lines private islands

5. Lazy rest - no rush.
Private islands allow you to not book many excursions, not to be in a hurry trying to visit a million of attractions.
Private islands allow you to enjoy the vacation and forget about any problems!
cruise lines private islands

6. The possibility of choice.
Despite the free-of-charge basis, private islands offer great opportunities for every taste.
You can rent private houses, bungalows, special attractions and more.
Besides, private islands often offer a choice of several beaches. Each of them is beautiful in its own way.
Having a variety... and for free – it's wonderful!
cruise lines private islands

7. You won’t be forgotten on the island.
Unlike in the usual ports, where the ship won’t wait for you, the situation on the private island is completely different. There are almost no chances to miss the ship’s departure.
Crew members are the last to leave the island, and often they remind the careless tourists that it’s time to get back on board.
In any case, if you see that your neighbors started to pack things – this is already a sign :)
In general, it’s almost impossible to miss the liner on the private island!
cruise ship private island

There are many private islands to visit, and each of them is unique!
Enjoy cruises!!
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Believe us ;)

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