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7 Times When They Came Too Close: Cruise Ships That Crashed Into Dock

4 minutes read • April 18th, 2018
Today’s topic may be quite unpleasant. However, in light of recent events, we decided to make a list of

cruise ships

that crashed into a dock over the last few years.
cruise ships that crashed into dock©  Public Domain/Pixabay 

Last week, the cruise world actively discussed an accident that happened to MSC Armonia: the MSC Cruises’ liner smashed into a dock in Roatan, Honduras. Video of this collision has been all over the Internet. 
We decided to find more videos of cruise ship’s collisions. Let’s watch them chronologically.

Please note that the following videos may contain strong language.
MSC Opera collided with the pier in Buenos Aires, Argentina while departing the port on March 25, 2011. Several cabins were damaged. No one was injured. The ship continued her cruise after repairs, ten hours later. 
Video by wargalls
On April 27, 2012, Norwegian Star crashed into the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier’s pier in New York. There were no injuries. According to the reports, the accident happened because of high winds and low tide.
Video by Jay Cee
On June 3, 2016, Celebrity Infinity was docking in Ketchikan, Alaska. Strong gusts complicated control of the ship, and she smashed into the dock. No injuries were reported. The collision caused the damage to the liner and 2-3 million dollars in damage to the dock.
Video by Maria Harvey
On May 8, 2016, Carnival Pride hit the pier in Baltimore. She struck a gangway that fell and crashed three cars. This caused nearly 2.1 million dollars in damage. No one was injured.
Video by WJZ
Though Carnival Vista didn’t hit the pier, the accident that happened to her in 2016 cannot be omitted from this list. On August 28, 2016, during her inaugural summer season, the ship's maneuver caused a wave that swamped piers and boats in Marina del Nettuno, near Messina, Italy.
Video by gCaptain
On September 30, 2017, Disney Dream backed into the pier in Nassau, Bahamas. The ship’s hull suffered minor damage, and no one was injured.
Video by U STUDIO
Finally, here’s the recent event that led us to write this article. On April 10, 2018, MSC Armonia “grazed the end of the pier,” according to MSC Cruises. No one was injured. The ship suffered minor damage, unlike the pier.
Video by Nessy Warren
Unfortunately, it’s just a part of all accidents that happened to cruise ships in the recent years. They were caused by different reasons. We don’t want to accuse or justify anyone. We want to share the video, which shows how complicated the docking of big cruise ships is.
Video by Smithsonian Channel

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