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9 Facts You Probably Did Not Know About Diamond Princess

3 minutes read • May 18th, 2017
Dear friends! Let us plunge, once again, into aspects of the cruise industry. In this article, we want to introduce several facts you probably did not know about the charming

Diamond Princess liner

1facts-diamond-princess.jpg Photo by: Roderick Eime/Flickr/CC BY 2.0
1. Initially, the ship was named Sapphire Princess. The name change took place because of a fire that occurred onboard, and to avoid postponing the ship’s delivery date.  

2. This lady was the first among other Princess Cruise ships built in a dockyard in Japan.

3. She first offered cruises in Spring 2004 and currently sails to Asia during the Summer and Australia during the Winter.
2facts-diamond-princess.jpg Photo by: Sid Mosdell/Flickr/CC BY 2.0
4. The majority (three-quarters) of all the staterooms have private balconies.

5. There are five main dining rooms onboard.

6. The ship’s last refurbishment was in 2010.
3facts-diamond-princess.jpg Photo by: Gaynor/Flickr/CC BY 2.0
7. One can find The Sanctuary and a Wedding Chapel among the newly-added facilities for passengers. Moreover, you can enjoy watching movies under the stars during the day, with complimentary popcorn and blankets.
4facts-diamond-princess.jpgPhoto by: Bernard Spragg. NZ/Flickr/CC0 1.0
8. There’s a unique bathing area called the Izumi Japanese Bath, built to keep in line with the traditions of Japanese public baths. It is an exclusive amenity onboard the Diamond Princess.
5facts-diamond-princess.jpg Photo by: JamesZ_Flickr/Flickr/CC BY 2.0
9. Entertainment is held in both English and Japanese. However, some amusements are only offered in one language.

Although the atmosphere is mostly quiet, there's a lot of things to do onboard. Everyone will find an activity to suit his or her tastes!
6facts-diamond-princess.jpgPhoto by: Bernard Spragg. NZ/Flickr/CC0 1.0

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