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9 Reasons to Choose a Balcony Stateroom on a Cruise

9 minutes read • July 6th, 2018
What kind of a cruise cabin comes to your mind when you dream of the next sailing? We bet that most of you imagine a cozy room with a private balcony offering a breathtaking view of the boundless ocean. Well, it’s no surprise.

Balcony Stateroom

has numerous advantages, and we’re going to discuss them today. Let's begin!
balcony on a cruise ship
Photo courtesy of We Live In The Country!
Elisse & Chef Dan Clark, owners of Elkhorn Inn & Theatre and bloggers at the We Live In The Country! travel/foodie blog told us that they had started cruising with the Inside Cabin. They absolutely enjoyed the cruise itself, but not the cabin. They decided to choose the cruise cabin with the balcony next time. “Our travel agent warned us: Once you've had a balcony, you will NEVER go back to an inside cabin!” Elisse said. “And she wasn't kidding! We literally will NOT take a cruise now UNLESS we can have a balcony! Having a balcony TOTALLY changed cruising for us – a balcony is truly 2/3 of the joy we get from a cruise!” 
balcony on a cruise ship
Photo courtesy of We Live In The Country!
We decided to ask several travel bloggers who were lucky to sail in the stateroom with the balcony to share their thoughts and impression. Based on that, we made a list of the main reasons to choose the balcony cruise room. Of course, we’d like to share this list with you. So...


1. More space
“Besides what you can experience on your balcony, a balcony stateroom is generally bigger than other staterooms and come with a couch/sitting area,” said Erica James, a luxury travel advisor at Erica James Travel.

“Space is reduced on a cruise, and having a balcony offers this extra sense of freedom and peace you would miss in an inside or window-only cabin,” added Bernard Sury of GuruWalk
balcony on a cruise ship
Photo courtesy of We Live In The Country!
2. Natural light
“Inside rooms are VERY dark,” Lee & Stacey, travel bloggers at One Port at a Time, told CruiseBe. Well, you may have a really hard time waking up each morning when traveling in the room without the window or the balcony. In contrast with the stateroom with the balcony. “Waking up to the sound of the waves, the sunrise, the view...” Can you imagine that? That’s exactly what Elisse & Chef Dan Clark love in this type of rooms, and we’d like to highlight each of these reasons to choose the balcony stateroom.
balcony on a cruise ship
Photo courtesy of We Live In The Country!

3. Incredible views
Erica James is sure that “Looking out and seeing the amazing sunset, sunrise, and the beautiful sky as it meets the ocean is reason enough to book a balcony. There is nothing like staying on the balcony as you sail down the ocean and take in the amazing view.”
balcony on a cruise ship
Photo courtesy of Erica James Travel

“When I book a balcony, I select the port side of the cruise ship,” she added. “I love getting up the morning we arrive into port and sit on the balcony and take in the amazing view of the destination as you pull into port.  Also....on the flip side....when it is time to leave, it is always fun to sit on the balcony and watch the guests running to the ship trying to get on at the last minute. Hilarious.” 

By the way, we already talked about pier runners in a separate article. You can check several insightful (and fun) videos via this link. However, let’s return to the subject of this story.
“Seeing dolphins swim beside the boat and flying fish under the glow of the moon at night are simply experiences you don't get in an inside room,” said Wilko van de Kamp, a bestselling author, award-winning photographic artist, and professional world traveler.
4. The sound of the ocean
“Whether just to relax, or even to drift off to sleep, it's very soothing,” Lee & Stacey told us.
balcony on a cruise ship
Photo courtesy of Erica James Travel

Erica James also shared her memories: “I know it is not recommended, however, there are several times that I have sailed and slept with my balcony door open and fell asleep to the sounds of the ocean waves and the cool breeze coming through across my skin. Such an amazing sleeping experience.”
By the way, the sea breeze deserves to be mentioned separately. 
5. The fresh breeze in your cabin
“If it's not too hot/cold outside, then having the ocean breeze coming into your room is wonderful,” said Lee & Stacey.
“It's always a good breeze on a balcony and makes for good selfie pictures when your hair is blowing,” added Erica James.
balcony on a cruise ship
Photo courtesy of Erica James Travel
6. A private sunrise
As well as a romantic sunset, starry sky at night and other miracles of nature.
balcony on a cruise ship
Photo courtesy of Zena’s Suitcase

“I would always choose a balcony cabin for taking a cruise because I’m one of those early birds who enjoy getting up for sunrise,” Zena Goldman, blogger at Zena’s Suitcase, told CruiseBe. “If you are not a fan of getting up literally at the crack of dawn a cabin with a balcony may allow you to enjoy the morning sun just a stone’s throw away from your cozy bed instead of making your way to the top deck with the other sun chasers.”
7. Complete relaxation
Henry Perez from TraceK9.com shared his thoughts with us: “On the decks, you try to relax and take a nap and you can but you still have people running around and kind of disturb your nap. On a balcony, you take a nap, and it’s very quiet.”
balcony on a cruise shipPhoto courtesy of Have Baby Will Travel

When you travel with children, the balcony is also an excellent place to have, though brief, but such an important “date" with your spouse. That’s what Corinne McDermott, founder at Have Baby Will Travel, told us: “When we first cruised our kids were small, our daughter was six, and our son was three, so we really appreciated having a balcony cabin to sit out and relax on while they napped and after their early bedtime. The busy and fun days often sent us to bed early anyway, but we really looked forward to our “dates” to unwind and reflect on the day and plan for the next.” 
8. Unique dining experience
“What better way to start your morning, than ordering room service and having your breakfast on your balcony with a great view?” Erica James said. “Or even just having a cup of coffee on your balcony, in the morning, reflecting on your blessing and the day ahead of you.” 
Henry Perez agreed: “We bring breakfast down and eat on the balcony allowing me for some nice personal time with my wife.”
“A glass of wine, or drinks in the evening on the balcony, and at night, watching the sea and the stars and the view...” That’s what Elisse & Chef Dan Clark imagine when they recall their cruises.
balcony on a cruise ship
Photo courtesy of We Live In The Country! 

9. The perfect setting to… work
Yes, we know, usually people set sail to relax, take a break from their daily routine and work duties, and have fun. However, sometimes you just can’t stop your work. Besides, this may be exactly what helps some people to enjoy their vacation to the full. For example, Erica James is sure that “A balcony is a great place to read and write a blog if you are working and sailing.”
balcony on a cruise ship
Photo courtesy of Erica James Travel
By the way, Henry Perez also shared one pretty “helpful” advantage of the balcony stateroom: “I can dry my wet clothes very fast on the balcony without having to run around looking for the laundry room.”
Elisse & Chef Dan Clark concluded that “Even if nothing else goes right on that cruise, you will at least have that balcony to enjoy! Yes, the ports and excursions are usually great fun, and the food on a cruise is really important, but for us, it's the balcony that makes a cruise a Cruise!”
balcony on a cruise ship
Photo courtesy of We Live In The Country! 

What’s your favorite type of cruise accommodation? Do you have other reasons to choose the cabin with the balcony? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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