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Abandoned Town Of Svalbard

Sergey Dolya • 6 minutes read • April 8th, 2016

90's flash mobs are very popular now and in my last review about Svalbard, I offered to take you back in time to the village of 

Pyramiden. This village was abandoned in 1997 and has since become a popular attraction for tourists to witness the untouched preservation of Soviet era settlement.

As I said, a dormant settlement differs from an abandoned one, because sooner or later people will return. Permafrost is a great natural source that preserves the buildings and there is no one nearby to come and destroy them. I recently showed 


from the outside, now I offer you a look inside . . . . prepare to be transported back to the 90's.

Let's start with the culture center:

Everything inside was left in its original state. Childhood memories suddenly flood my mind; I remember seeing and having many of the same elements and objects pictured below.

The cinema. Thie lining on the walls used to be everywhere:

There was a piano on the stage. It still worked but, as might be expected, it was out of tune:

This is a projection room. Film spools were still lying on the floor:  

The sports hall was left totally untouched. Recently, there had been competitions between Russian and Norwegian scientists:

And this was the gym, complete with the Soviet-made sports equipment:

By the way, many of these fitness machines are still used in the Russian province:

And this was the library. Strangely, there are no books. It is said that they were stolen but I think they were taken by the Norwegians. I doubt that someone decided to steal the library of such a place:

And these are old Soviet tablets:

Soundproof lagging and musical instruments were left behind in the studio:

Polar explorers liked jazz:

Rocke gruppa:

A dance hall, also used for ballet classes. Why are there so many lights on the ceiling?

Mirrors were removed but under them we found the message from the year 1984:

A housing complex filled with birds. It used to be a family hostel.

And this is a kindergarten named "Solnishko" ("Sunshine"). The plaque lists the names of its creators:

Just above it is a sign for an elementary school. Now it looks like a jumbled puzzle.  

The paint had already started peeling inside the school. However, this is not a surprise, especially given how long it has been abandoned, as well as the temperature.

Perhaps, this is an agitated poem:

And this was the teachers' common room, with shelves of textbooks and registers. 

Textbooks of my time! I remember them from when I went to school:

And here is a stack of written works. Unfortunately, these are all dictated notes, not compositions. It would have been interesting to read the thoughts of students from the 90's:

And here is a grade book, complete with marks. From this we gathered that were 20 students in this class. 

Our guide told us that the wallpaper started peeling away about a week ago: 

And here is a list of children's activities:

A classroom in the elementary school. The board was into two parts - ruled and quad ruled:

In this classroom, children studied traffic rules:

This is the route taken by the great traveler, Maxim Gorky:

Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Apparently, such graffiti appeared only recently. A broken chandelier is the result of long years of neglect, not from vandals. Lights began to fall from the ceiling:

Here are small beds. It seems they were brought here from the kindergarten:

We also found bedside tables there:

Just look at those children's drawings:

The dining room was built according to a typical plan:

Here is a luxury staircase in the colors of the Russian flag, only in a different order:

And an old Soviet picture:

The kitchen was huge:

There were even giant vats for cooking soup:

In general, if you want to get in touch with Soviet history and polar beauty, come to 


Author: Sergeydolya
Source: sergeydolya.livejournal.com

Translated by: Gian Luka

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