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Acquaintance with Buenos Aires P.2

Uritsk Andrey • 6 minutes read • April 21st, 2016
We continue walking down the 

streets of Buenos Aires

. This is the entrance to one of the city operas.
Another famous place in Buenos Aires is 

Plasa del Congreso.

 Congress Palace is decorated with a huge dome.
This huge monument in front of the Palace of the Congress is dedicated to the first constitutional assembly of 1813 and the Congress of 1816.
Near the Congress, there is Palacio Barollo constructed in 1919-1923 based on the project of the Italian architect Mario Palanti. It was the first skyscraper in 

Buenos Aires

Puerto-Madero ("Old Port") is my favorite district in Buenos Aires. At the end of XIX – the beginning of the 20th century it was a lively port area. Later, narrow moorings became inconvenient for large modern vessels. In 1911-1925 a new port called Puerto Nuevo was built several kilometers to the north. The old port gradually became unnecessary and fell into decay until the reorganization of this territory began in the early 90s. Later, restaurants, clubs, and beautiful embankments were established in the abandoned port. Ancient port buildings built with red brick were reconstructed into fashionable boutique hotels, cafes, yacht -clubs. Old port cranes were also kept. These monuments of industrial architecture decorate populous embankments now, and beautifully light up in the evening. Now Puerto-Madero is one of the most fashionable and cozy towns of Buenos Aires, the favorite place of walks of citizens and tourists. There's a similarly reconstructed port in London (in the capital of Great Britain it is called "Dockland"), and in Hamburg. However, Puerto-Madero has made the biggest impression on me – contrast of old and new, modern buildings and monuments of industrial architecture of the beginning of the 20th century, old docks where yachts stay on the smooth water surface … How beautiful!

We're walking around Puerto-Madero. Here you can see an old port crane and a port building made out of red brick, where a hotel and fashionable restaurant are located.Frigate "President Sarmiento" is a former training ship of the Argentina naval academy constructed in 1897.
It is possible to walk on decks on the vessel…
… and to get acquainted with a faithful ship dog who lived on "President Sarmiento" for many years and was team's favorite...
… and to glance at the captain's cabin …
Lunch room …
Engine room.
We are coming back to the embankments of Buenos Aires "dockland". In my opinion, it is a perfect transformation of old city industrial zones!
Puerto-Madero's harbor  is decorated with the cable-stayed pedestrian bridge of the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. It is called "Women’s Bridge" ("Puente de la Mujer"). By the way, Puerto-Madero is the only district in Buenos Aires (out of 47) where all streets are named in honor of women.
Here you can see a sailing vessel, old port cranes, embankments and new skyscrapers adjoining Puerto-Madero. In 20 years this area went from being an old  industrial zone to one of the best in Buenos Aires.
There is a very unusual monument of the taxi driver near Puerto-Madero, towards the park coastal to La Plata.
Buenos Aires is situated on the bank of La Plata that is a wide fresh-water estuary (the funneled firth) of the Parana and Uruguay Rivers, one of the largest in South America. Attempts to drain boggy coastal urban areas were made in the 70s. During the course of implementation of this project, there were some difficulties: the earth was covered with grass, and there appeared four new lakes. In 1986 these territories ("Costanera Sur") were declared to be the ecological reserve where it is possible to see more than 200 bird species. Along the Costanera Sur, it is nice to walk around.
There is no direct path to La Plata in the center of Buenos Aires. The only place is a new city port which sometimes has tour boats. I couldn't get on such a tour, unfortunately, but I managed to get on four remarkable flights over the city and the gulf by planes from the local airport of Jorge Newbery lines. La Plata and Buenos Aires are clearly visible at taking off and landing!
Buenos Aires city is a very interesting and picturesque city with its pros and cons. :)))
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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