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Adventure World

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Adventure World is a theme park in Perth, Western Australia. It is located in Bibra Lake, 20 km from the CBD. The park opened on 11 November 1982 as "Edgley’s Adventure World" and undergoes a winter closure each year.

Michael Edgley International created and ran the park from its inception to December 1990. 380,000 tonnes of sand were used to reshape the land contours of the industrial dump site into a suitable theme park location. Since 1999, Omni Leisure Operations has been managing the park. In 1999 LeisureWide Property Trust (a 40% owner of Omni Leisure and owned by Macquarie Bank) did not act on their option to buy Adventure World and since 2000 a West Australian, Steve Sicerich, has owned the park.


The following is a list of the rides and attractions at Adventure World.

  • Dragon's Kingdom - An enchanting medieval land of Yarli the Lovable Dragon, his little sister Yarlotte, grandfather Yarold and their friend Flossy the Fairy. The land contains:
    • Kingdom Falls, a water play attraction
    • The Little Leaper, a Zamperla hopper
    • The Barnacle, a Zamperla Rockin Tug
    • Dragon Express, a steel roller coaster for kids
    • Dragon Flyer, a Zamperla fixed arm rotating ride
    • Yarli's Barrel Spin
    • Yarli's Safari
  • Tidal Wave - a mat water slide where guests race head first to the finish
  • Rail Rider - a single rail pedal attraction
  • Grand Prix Raceway - a set of go karts
  • Bounty's Revenge - a swinging pirate ship
  • Buccaneer Battle - a set of bumper boats
  • Kahuna Falls - The largest water playground of its kind in Australia.
  • Rocky Rapids - a tube slide
  • Mat Slides - a series of water slides where guests ride on mats
  • Sky Lift - a chairlift
  • Sea Serpents - a pair of dueling raft waterslides made by Australian Waterslides and Leisure
  • Tunnel of Terror - a tandem tube slide
  • Wahoo Speed Slides - a body slide
  • The Lagoon - a large swimming pool
  • Freefall - a spaceshot ride built on the old Turbo Mountain site
  • The Black Widow - a Zamperla Power Surge marketed as a "machine to make people puke"
  • The Rampage - a Moser Maverick 32
  • Abyss - a $12 million Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter roller coaster which is the single largest investment in the park's history.
  • The Kraken - a $7 million Proslide Tornado 60 Waterslide


  • Paddle Boats - a set of paddle boats
  • Whistle Stop Train - a train
  • Turbo Mountain - an Anton Schwarzkopf Jet Star II bought second hand from Luna Park Sydney. Closed in 2009 to make room for the Freefall.
  • Tomb Raider
  • Prison Break Live
  • Terminator X: A Laser Battle for Salvation*
  • The Louge a downhill sled on a concrete track.
  • The Haunted Castle, selection of wax work figures on display

Food and beverage outlets

Adventure World has many food outlets. These are:

  • Dragon's Bites
  • Dragon's Nibbles
  • The Surf Shack
  • Kahuna Cafe
  • Kahuna Kiosk
  • Domino's 2 Go

Plus various mobile carts including Fairy Floss, and Popcorn.

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