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Africa is probably the most exotic and unpredictable destination. It beckons with its wildness, chic resorts and with a great amount of killing things to do. So, let’s begin our trip to attractive Africa!
30.3 millions square kilometers make Africa the second world’s largest continent. It is washed by the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and by the waters of the Mediterranean and Red Seas. Africa includes 62 states 54 of which are fully independent. 1 billion of Africa’s inhabitants speak numerous languages and confess different religions.
The continent is considered the place of origin of humans, because exactly Africa is the place, where archeologists found the oldest hominids’ remains. Homo sapiens were the only one species that managed to survive and began to settle the Africa’s territory near 100 000 years ago. Africa saw many great cultures and civilizations, mighty Ancient Egypt, the Aksumite Empire and many other kingdoms. Wars, drought and famine alternated by unprecedented prosperity and fertility. Europeans began their invasion in Africa in the XV—XVI centuries. And the second half of the XIX century opened the period of hard times for the Africa’s natives – nearly whole continent was divided between the European states. Fast-moving decentralization began after the Second World War. 17 states received their independence in the year 1960. During the next few years almost all countries became fully sovereign.
Africa is the hottest continent. The biggest part of its territory is situated in hot climatic regions and the continent is crossed by the equator line. The weather conditions in different regions are characterized by subtropical, tropical, subequatorial and equatorial climates. Elephants and rhinos, monkeys and lions, hippopotamus and ostriches – where else can you find such a diverse fauna. And the African national parks greatly outstrip some European states in terms of their area.

Africa cruises

are becoming more and more popular among the tourists from all over the world. This land still retains the status of “Terra Incognita”. And the increasing amount of travelers is aiming to unthread all its secrets. Cape Town, Dakar, Durban, Zanzibar and many other African ports of call will gladly open you their sea gates to the unique world of antiquity, modern cosmopolitan cities and tribes that seem frozen in time and space. Luxurious beaches of the Seychelles, incredible sunsets in Kenya, the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, the Church of Saint George in Ethiopia, The Dakar Grand Mosque and wild nature with breath-taking sights – this is just a little part of unbelievable surprises Africa has prepared for its guests. You’ll find here magnificent volcanoes and horizonless grasslands, glamorous waterfalls and mind-bending deserts.
Visit Victoria Falls, Chobe National Park, Table Mountain National Park or Kruger National Park during the

 South Africa cruises, and don’t leave without attention the National Museum in Nairobi, Shimoni Slave Caves, the Great Rift Valley and many other fascinating palaces – and you will fall in love with this indescribable eye appeal. Scuba diving near the shores of Madagascar, safari in Kenya, surfing in Cape Town, visiting the Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt, excursions in the wine paradise of South Africa – you can spend the life-time to try all the opportunities of this friendly continent. Exciting and unforgettable

Africa cruise

will show you all magnificence and beauty of this mighty continent. And your trip to Africa definitely won’t be the last one in your life.
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