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African Culture, Maputo City Museum In Mozambique

Isurok • 3 minutes read • February 19th, 2017
1african-culture-maputo-museum-mozambique.jpgAt the entrance to the museum, you will find a figure of a sacrificer wearing a ceremonial costume.
2african-culture-maputo-museum-mozambique.jpgThese are wooden household implements, so to speak. There were locomotives and steamships in Europe, but Africa had no even metal in the 19th century. "White men" had brought medicines, fabrics, technology, and education there.
3african-culture-maputo-museum-mozambique.jpgHere's a throne of the King and Queen of the local tribe.
4african-culture-maputo-museum-mozambique.jpgThese are the local handicrafts made of wood dated of the early 20th century.
5african-culture-maputo-museum-mozambique.jpg6african-culture-maputo-museum-mozambique.jpgHere are articles made of seashells.
7african-culture-maputo-museum-mozambique.jpgHere you can see the colonizers figures.
8african-culture-maputo-museum-mozambique.jpgThese are the articles made of black wood.
9african-culture-maputo-museum-mozambique.jpgBeads. Merchants brought beads with mirrors and necklaces.
10african-culture-maputo-museum-mozambique.jpgThe locals began to use metal products with the arrival of the Europeans. But there were no iron plows and hoes, although there were plenty of spears and axes.
11african-culture-maputo-museum-mozambique.jpg Author: Isurok
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