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Agios Nikolaos. Crete. Greece. P.1.

o_l_g_a_r_i • 4 minutes read • July 19th, 2016
On Crete, our ship stopped in the tiny town of 

Agios Nikolaos

. Those who have never been on the island, of course, rushed on a tour to "


", fortunately, it is very close. But we have already been there. So we decided to walk around Agios Nikolaos.
At the port, we saw a monument to "Europe" riding on Zeus...
It seems that Europe's legs are somehow connected to happiness - they are polished to a shine...
Agios Nikolaos is quite a nice town - not a bad option for a port of call. Everything is so close - you just leave the ship, and after several minutes, you are already in the center of the town.
Moreover, there multiple options on where to sit down to check your e-mail and read the news - you can do it either at the sea or the lake. Both are within a two-minute walk...
According to the legend, Aphrodite loved to take baths in this 

Lake Voulismeni 

(the lake has a diameter of 450 feet or 137 m and a depth of 210 feet or 64 m).
I found some local museum on the shore of the lake - it was definitely very local, after half an hour of the expected opening of the museum, there was nobody from the staff. There was a small group of tourists near the entrance (obviously, from the ship) - people were patiently waiting - maybe it will open?
I did not wait and decided to come back here a little later. Instead of it, I went for a walk around the town...
I found a beautifully ornamented church. There were so many pictures!11agios-nikolaos-crete-greece.jpg12agios-nikolaos-crete-greece.jpg13agios-nikolaos-crete-greece.jpg14agios-nikolaos-crete-greece.jpg15agios-nikolaos-crete-greece.jpg16agios-nikolaos-crete-greece.jpg
There was a theme of peacocks in the design...
But the main masterpiece is this painting! Are these swaddled babies??? I thought that infants were swaddled only in Russia and China, weren't they? I will show you the local museum - you'll understand then what I mean. Wow, it is a small world...
On the way, I visited one of the fish shops - to take a look at their variety...
It seems these are "ray wings". Yummy, I really love them... I did not even know they catch them in Greece!
I also visited other shops...
Can you see natural sea sponges in the last photo? I bought one to try. I didn't really like it so I threw it away...
Author: O_L_G_A_R_I
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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