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On the very northwest margin of the USA there is a searchless land called Alaska. It charms with its history, wildlife and with a great variety of places of interest. And the unique combination of the present-day civilization and pristine nature makes

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so popular among the tourists from all over the world.
Being the biggest state in the U.S. Alaska is one from the least populated ones – only a little bit more than 700 000 people live on over 1 700 000 km² area. Alaska’s coastline is longer than the shore lines of all other states laid end to end. Its northern part is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, and western and southern parts – by the Pacific Ocean. Besides the continental part of the state it comprises approximately 2 670 named islands. Its longest Aleutian Islands’ chain is near 2000 km long.
The biggest cities of Alaska are Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau (the state’s capital) – at that virtually the half of the Alaska’s population reside the Anchorage metropolitan area.
Group of Siberian tribes inhabited the territory of Alaska more than 10 000 years ago. Later they were joined by the Eskimos and the Aleutians. The Russian colonization of Alaska began in the XVIII century, although some scientists consider that it was settled by the Russian people much earlier. As the territory of Alaska had been hard to defend and hadn’t brought enough profit, the Russian Empire decided to sell it to the USA for 7.2 million dollars in 1867.
Alaska’s big territory determines different climatic conditions of its regions – from the mid-latitude oceanic climate to the Arctic climate. The lowest air temperature ever noted in Alaska was −62 °C, while the highest one was equal 38 °C. The same situation bears upon the precipitations – their amount ranges from less than 254 mm annually on the Seward Peninsula up to 6 980 mm in the southeastern region. The best periods for

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in summer are June and August, and in winter – from January to March. Other months are practically unsuitable for Alaska cruise tours because of the contrary weather and lack of the entertainments.

Alaska cruise reviews offer a great variety of exciting tours to this glamorous place. You will be amazed with the fascinating sights of the coastline and with the beauty of primeval nature. Delightful rainforest and mysterious cold desert, mighty glaciers and mind-bending polar lights – you won’t find anything like this in the whole world.
Alaska Cruises from Seattle, Seward, Vancouver and other places will unveil you Anchorage, Talkeetna, Juneau and other welcoming cities. Sightseeing tours, plenty of museums, churches and historical buildings will plunge you into the deep world of Alaska’s history and culture. You should visit the Alaska Sealife Center, Denali National Park, Sitka National Historical Park, Wrangell–St. Elias National Park and other great landmarks. You can go fishing, fall down the tumultuous river or just explore the endless blue in search of the enchanting Aurora. In these latter days a great popularity has been reached by the extreme

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. You can fly the seaplane or ride in a dog sled, conquer the glacier’s peak and even take a chance to dive into the ice-cold water. Whether you’ll watch the Alaska’s eye appeal from the helicopter or climb the centuries-old glacier, oversee the bears and whales or just drive your car up hill and down dale – the

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will help you to feel this inimitable atmosphere, merge into the organic whole with Alaska and memorize it for life.
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