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Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum

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The Alaska Aviation Museum is located on Lake Hood Seaplane Base in Anchorage, Alaska. Its mission since 1988, is to preserve, display, and honor Alaska's aviation heritage, by preserving and displaying historic aircraft, artifacts, and memorabilia, and to foster public interest in aviation and its history. The museum has over thirty aircraft on display, a restoration hangar, flight simulators, two theatres, and a Hall of Fame. It provides an emphasis on historic aircraft, aviation artifacts, and memorabilia that contributed to the development and progress of aviation in Alaska, including Bush flying, and the WWII Army base on Adak Island.

Hall of Fame

  • 2009: Ruth M. Jefford
  • 2008: Art Woodley
  • 2007: Russel Merrill
  • 2006: Merle "Mudhole" Smith
  • 2005: Robert Campbell Reeve
  • 2004: Bob Ellis
  • 2003: Carl Ben Eielson
  • 2002: Joe Crosson
  • 2001: Ray Petersen
  • 2000: Noel Wien

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