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Alaska Inside Passage Cruise

Ehlzhbeta Chegarova - prosto_gost • 5 minutes read • June 26th, 2016
Many people consider a cruise to Alaska to be unique and unforgettable, but we chose it for the mode of transportation itself, which is convenient and comfortable.
Honestly, though, it did not meet our expectations.
1alaska-insidepassage.jpgHere’re my impressions and recommendations for those who decide to take a week-long cruise to Alaska.
Ketchikan is the first port. You can take a lift for $2 to the upper level, and descend from there to a river via a pathway. Here you will be surprised – there are many fish as you have never seen! We wondered why people, who live in this region, are so poor.
If you do not ascend, you can just walk along old streets and the pier.
2alaska-insidepassage.jpgThe main attraction is a Dolly museum-salon, where even nowadays, beautiful girls try to attract tourists.
3alaska-insidepassage.jpg4alaska-insidepassage.jpg5alaska-insidepassage.jpgOf course, it is impossible to pass by souvenir shops, where you can buy jackets, hats and other warm clothing, hunting knives, animal skins and different magnets.
6alaska-insidepassage.jpg7alaska-insidepassage.jpgAfter a walk, I recommend you to go to the best restaurant in the area (opposite the pier, in front of the building of the "cruise terminal"). For $70 you will get a bucket of Alaskan king crabs!
The second port on the route is Juneau, the capital of Alaska. In fact, it is a small village so it was quite strange how it was chosen as the capital. It was raining again.
8alaska-insidepassage.jpgThere’s nothing particular to tell about Juneau. Do not take tours to the glacier by bus or helicopter, as ahead there are a lot of glaciers to go see specifically. So, pack warm clothes and a windproof jacket. And do not forget to bring binoculars.
9alaska-insidepassage.jpg10alaska-insidepassage.jpgWatching is the main form of entertainment on the cruise. Balconies were few on the ship, so it was cold to walk on the open decks, waiting for seals, icebergs, and whales. If you plan to take this cruise, dress like you’re going to the North Pole. And good optics are required.
11alaska-insidepassage.jpgThe ship approached the glaciers closely. Sometimes blocks of ice fell into the water, grabbing the attention and delight of the passengers.
12alaska-insidepassage.jpg13alaska-insidepassage.jpgThe third and final port was Skagway. This is also a village with only one street.
14alaska-insidepassage.jpgThe main attraction is an old railway; a trip costs $119. Paying so much money for a three hours trip with a view of bleak landscapes is only for those who have never seen anything more interesting!
15alaska-insidepassage.jpg16alaska-insidepassage.jpg17alaska-insidepassage.jpgI supposed it would be better to take a stroll through the village.
18alaska-insidepassage.jpg19alaska-insidepassage.jpg20alaska-insidepassage.jpg21alaska-insidepassage.jpgWe arrived in Seward. The weather was wonderful.
22alaska-insidepassage.jpgWe chose a quiet and comfortable transport. Then it was time to take a tour around some other fascinating and surprising places: Kenai Fjords National Park, Denali and Katmai.
Information about the cruise can be found via the links below:
Zaandam ship (Holland America Line)
Ketchikan, Juneau, Alaska Inside Passage, Skagway, Seward
7 days
Author: Ehlzhbeta Chegarova
Translated by: Zoozi

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