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Alaska. Juneau. Wildlife. Aviation and sea walks. P2

Uritsk Andrey • 5 minutes read • May 9th, 2016
So, we continue. And now let's walk further…
1-juneau-alaska-p2.jpgA pleasant local fellow accompanying us in taiga tells about the herbs growing in 


2-juneau-alaska-p2.jpgThe aviation part of our trip begins. We got quite far, Hoonah is situated 31 miles (50 kilometers) from 


and is separated from it by several sea passages. Therefore we will go back by plane, on this tiny Piper-PA-32-301.
4-juneau-alaska-p2.jpgI got the spot of a second pilot on this flight.
5-juneau-alaska-p2.jpgShort running start and open spaces of the sea passages covered with heaps of islands appeared below…
6-juneau-alaska-p2.jpg7-juneau-alaska-p2.jpg30 miles (50 kilometers) by air are very different from 30 miles on the ground. It wasn't even half an hour until our plane reached the well-known glacier Mendenhall. We are coming from the sea side flying above the ices, doing a long arch in the air and, turning practically 180 degrees we get down at the international airport of Juneau.
8-juneau-alaska-p2.jpg9-juneau-alaska-p2.jpg10-juneau-alaska-p2.jpgAs our pilot explained, it is a base camp of dogsleds races. There is a competition happening in Juneau now.
11-juneau-alaska-p2.jpg12-juneau-alaska-p2.jpg13-juneau-alaska-p2.jpgBlue water puddles pleated on a glacier reminded me of yellow drops of sunflower oil pleated on mashed potatoes if you trifle it with a spoon … Mmmm... I got hungry as I was writing it!
14-juneau-alaska-p2.jpg15-juneau-alaska-p2.jpg16-juneau-alaska-p2.jpgHere is the airport:
17-juneau-alaska-p2.jpgSmall rain drizzles on the windshield. In a second the plane will land on a runway…
18-juneau-alaska-p2.jpgThe Juneau airport is rather rural, but due to the fact that the only weekly flight is to Canada located behind the ridge, it has a status of international. Obviously, the capital of the largest state in America has to have the international airport!
19-juneau-alaska-p2.jpgThe tour is over, and the rest of time we can devote to walking around Juneau. The town is small, you can walk around its central part in an hour or even less. Both Juneau and 

Skagway especially 

reminded me of the classical cowboy's town known from westerns. And what cowboy's town do you know that doesn't have a characteristic saloon? :)
20-juneau-alaska-p2.jpgNumerous ferries and seaplanes connect Juneau with neighboring towns and are also used for tourism.
21-juneau-alaska-p2.jpgTwo fine watercrafts differ only in the sense that the farthest one can't fly.
22-juneau-alaska-p2.jpgWhat a picturesque bay!
23-juneau-alaska-p2.jpg24-juneau-alaska-p2.jpgCitizens of Alaska are very open, friendly and simple people. Four-footed inhabitants of Alaska are very similar as well!
25-juneau-alaska-p2.jpgHere is a monument to Joe Dzhuno and Richard Harris, gold diggers and pioneers of Alaska:
26-juneau-alaska-p2.jpgThe government building:
27-juneau-alaska-p2.jpgOn the streets of the provincial capital:
28-juneau-alaska-p2.jpgTo complete the walk, I went on a ropeway to the top of the Roberts mountain towering over the city to admire neighboring hills and gulfs. I noticed the Disney Wonder in one of them.
29-juneau-alaska-p2.jpgHow beautiful!!!
30-juneau-alaska-p2.jpg31-juneau-alaska-p2.jpg32-juneau-alaska-p2.jpgThe ropeway was built recently, in the 90s. Helicopters were used to install this impressive construction on the mountain.
33-juneau-alaska-p2.jpgThe height of the elevator is more than 500 meters. Island Princess seems absolutely tiny from here.
34-juneau-alaska-p2.jpgMeanwhile, it is time to go down. Just a few minutes later and we are in the port again.
35-juneau-alaska-p2.jpgAt 8:30 p.m. the motor ship left the capital of Alaska and continued the movement in the passages of Inside passage, through narrowness and skerries making its way to Skagway located nearby.
36-juneau-alaska-p2.jpgIn the following part of the story I will tell you about our acquaintance with the southeast Alaskan "handle of a frying pan", of the parking in Skagway during which we took an extraordinary beautiful trip on the boat to neighboring fjords which we saw both in the fog and in bright sunshine; and many-many other interesting things...
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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