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Alaska. Ketchikan. Misty Fjords From The Plane. P.1.

Uritsk Andrey • 5 minutes read • May 3rd, 2016


 - our first port in the United States - is a tiny town in rainy southeast 


, also known as the "Salmon Capital of the World". Its population is only 7000 people, most of them work either in tourism or in fisheries. The ship stands in Ketchikan half a day, but to explore the town a couple of hours will be quite enough. We wanted to diversify our program and I bought a sightseeing flight on a plane over mysterious 

Misty Fjords on the board of our ship


Ketchikan is one of the most visited ports of Alaska by cruise ship. Today we are also not alone here: at the nearby pier, there is "Norwegian Pearl" of the NCL company, and a little farther there is "Oosterdam" - a big liner of the Holland America Line Company.

On the waterfront of Ketchikan, you can find an interesting monument dedicated to times of "gold fever" and to American pioneers of Alaska - prospectors, fishermen, builders that in the late 19th century began to settle in this distant land.

It is pleasant to stroll along the waterfront of Ketchikan even in rainy weather:
The area of rainforests of southeast Alaska fully justifies its name - it pours down from the sky, and therefore mysterious Misty Fjords will appear from the airplane exactly misty. And it's great, in my opinion, every kind of weather has its own charm, and to visit the area of the rainforest without rain - that's unnatural. So let's tie stronger the hood of your waterproof raincoat and get in one of the many seaplanes moored at the quay.

We are going to fly over Misty Fjords on the DHC-3T, an old but one of the most reliable light-engine aircrafts, here on this board - N409PA.

After a short run, the plane takes off from the surface of the water and flies towards fjords along the coast. Fjords are situated on the territory of the reserve that is 9300 hectares of pristine wilderness.

Here's a lonely rock sticking on a tiny island in the middle of the bay:

Here are Misty Fjords, really nice and a bit mysterious in this weather:

Flights on a small light-engine aircraft are perceived in a completely unique way and are felt much more strongly. I love to fly so much!

We make a turn over the mountains. Below us you can see the Nooya Lake with another seaplane on its surface. Let's go there!

In a second the plane will touch the water surface...

Another minute - and our DHC-3T is rocking on the smooth water surface.

You can carefully get out and take pictures of the surroundings from afloat.
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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