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Alaska. Ketchikan. Misty Fjords From The Plane. P.2.

Uritsk Andrey • 5 minutes read • May 3rd, 2016
What amazing watercolor paints!

Here is the cockpit:

The nearby plane starts to run - it's time for us to follow it!

We return back to 


, and as you can see in the photo, two other seaplanes are flying from the opposite direction.

We are going to the runway of the local airport... Oh, no - we're not the "Boeing" plane, and we do not have the chassis, so it's not for us!

After turning in the area of the town's airport, seaplane went for landing, and soon it moored at the pier near our ship. There is nothing more pleasant than cruises and aviation, and it's just great when they come together!

We can stroll through Ketchikan during the remaining time, climb the hill, admire the sea and hills covered with pine forests that surround the town from all sides.

After lunch the ship left Ketchikan and continued its journey along the so-called "Inner Passage" - fjords system separated from the open ocean by islands, and straits running one into another and stretching along the southeast coast of Alaska, which is also (look at Alaska's map!) jokingly called "The Panhandle".

We are leaving the port of 



Here is the "Celebrity Century" of the Celebrity Cruises Company:

Here is one of the numerous fishing boats:

Things are humming both on the water and above it.

Here is the airport located on the opposite shore of the strait where you can get only on a special ferry, and the tail of the aircraft of the «Alaska Airways» with the indicative coloring of this company:

Meanwhile, on the right we meet another seaplane:

After leaving the waters of Ketchikan, the ship sails to the narrow strait called Snow Passage:

On the left you can see Kashevarof Islands - in this area, many names of places (Chichagof Island, Kupreanof Island, Baranof Island) perpetuated the memory of Russian explorers and other people who left their mark in the history of "Russian America".

Straight ahead you can see the narrowest part of the strait!

There are a lot of whales - Sandra Champ, naturalist from our ship, takes place in the pilothouse, and when she sees through the binoculars another whale she announces its location - and then you just have to manage to take a picture of it during the couple of seconds that the whale is on the surface.

Once I was very lucky - the whale appeared on the surface very close to the board!

Rocky skerries covered with pine forest are extremely picturesque!

Here is one of the many lighthouses helping mariners to navigate through the intricacies of the "Inside Passage" of Alaska:

Here's another whale - it gulped fresh air, left the fountain of splashes, and again went under the water.

And here is another tail:

Leaving the "whale region",

"Island Princess" 

until the evening was going through the intricacies of the straits and skerries - the next four days we will constantly go through the narrowness, admiring  from the deck the scenery of Alaska. Tomorrow the ship will arrive in the administrative capital of Alaska - Juneau.

In the next article I will tell you about my acquaintance with the administrative capital of Alaska, about the long journey by water, by car, and by air through the surroundings of Juneau, about watching the whales, sea lions, and then - the bears in the boreal forest.
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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