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Alaska. Skagway. Fjords, Eagles And The Town Of "The Gold Rush". P.3.

Uritsk Andrey • 5 minutes read • May 11th, 2016
Finally the outlines of 


 appeared in the distance with cruise ships moored at its berth - today our "

Island Princess

" met with "Seven Seas Navigator" of the "Regent Seven Seas Cruises" - of the luxury US cruise company based in Florida, which routes cover almost all corners the globe.
And here is our "Princess" - such a beautiful view!
While we were on tour, high tide began - compare these pictures with the morning ones and notice how the water rose.
Here is the Skagway panorama from the heights of the upper deck of the ship:
The local port has an interesting tradition - the crews of the ships coming here always leave a memory on the surrounding rocks, which are full of the names of many ships of different companies from around the world.
The ship departs only in the evening - we can leisurely stroll through the town. Today we have already seen the eagles - and this is certainly not the eagle, but this bird is also pretty wise:
Skagway at one time was one of the starting points to the Klondike region, where "The Gold Rush" was in full swing at the end of the 19th century. And really - classic cities of that time, that we had often seen in movies and westerns, look exactly alike.
People here are ordinary - of course, we are not in New York or Washington:
Famous White Pass And Yukon Railway stretches in Skagway from the sea to the mountains through the pass. It was built in the late 19th century and now it is one of the main tourist attractions. On one of the city squares you can find a unique railway snowplow, that used to work on the passes of the Yukon Railway covered with snow from 1899 to 1964.
It seems, that Skagway is still taking the air of the gold rush, and this unusual monument depicting the cunning Yankee, led by a guide from indigenous peoples for gold, is a proof of that.
Here are Canada, USA,


In the past, brave miners left their horses at the roadways. And these are modern American horses. I am not an ardent fan of cars, but these big American cars just can't remain anyone indifferent.
This is the classic cowboy town from the westerns, is not it? And there's no any town of miners without tavern! This "Red Onion" saloon has been known since the 19th century!
And in the nearby tavern you can experience the atmosphere of that time even now.
Here's another visiting "mobile home" - this time it's from Canada!
Returning to the ship, I took another pictures of interesting American rare cars - the car on the right is probably from the 60's.
At 20-00 the ship said goodbye to the tiny town and continued its way, getting out to the straits of the "Inside Passage" along the Taiya Inlet well-known after the morning tour.
Thi is a summer evening... Clouds, fancily illuminated by the setting sun, a lonely lighthouse on the sea space - what a delightful beauty!...
Meanwhile, the ship was also dressed up - tomorrow is July 4, one of the main holidays of America.
This was the end of the second part of the voyage (consisting of three stops on the southeast coast of Alaska going one by one). Ahead there are two exciting days of running along the straits and fjords, almost the main "highlight" of our cruise!
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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