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Alaska. The First Flight To Mount Denali (Former Mount McKinley)

Uritsk Andrey • 5 minutes read • May 20th, 2016
1alaska-fisrtdenali.jpgToday, participants of a cruise tour make plans on their own, whether to relax and have a good time in a tourist camp, or to go to


by one of the buses, constantly shuttling there and back, or to choose one of interesting excursions in the surrounding area, offered as at the tourist camp, so in Talkeetna. I have two enthusiastic weaknesses - cruises and aircraft, and that day I decided to combine them both. Having reached Talkeetna by bus half an hour before the meeting, I walked along the streets of this small village.
This’s a wooden gold digger:
2alaska-fisrtdenali.jpgHere are genuine American cars!
3alaska-fisrtdenali.jpg4alaska-fisrtdenali.jpgAnd later it was high time to go to the airport, located on the outskirts of the village. Local airline «K2aviation» specializes in tourist flights from


to Denali. I’m going to make such an exciting journey, flavored with a landing on the glacier for more thrill. And anyway, who said that moose do not fly!?
5alaska-fisrtdenali.jpgThere are a lot of planes on the airfield, many of which are equipped with skis for landing on the glacier. On one of these "puddle jumpers" we will fly soon...
6alaska-fisrtdenali.jpgFinally, our group was announced. The flight to glacier Denali we were going to make on DHC-2 Beaver Mk1 N121KT.
After everyone took their places, the roaring airplane took off the strip.
7alaska-fisrtdenali.jpgBelow there is the largest river Susitna. The dull whitish stream of water flowing from the up-current Talkeetna River is clearly visible closer to the bank in sharp contrast with the main stream:
8alaska-fisrtdenali.jpgWe made a U-turn...
9alaska-fisrtdenali.jpgHere’s an "arrow" of

Susitna and Talkeetna

10alaska-fisrtdenali.jpgThere are three rivers converging together on this photo:
11alaska-fisrtdenali.jpgMeanwhile, our plane, headed for Denali.
12alaska-fisrtdenali.jpgKarst formations look very interesting from the airplane, as the water originating from the glaciers is flowing under the ground for a long time, and then it wallows to the surface. Whereafter the re-born river flows a few hundred meters and gives its waters to another river. Here’s such an entertaining geography!
13alaska-fisrtdenali.jpgMeanwhile, we are flying over a gigantic glacier, descending from Denali and reminiscent either of the freeway, or someone's long tongue.
14alaska-fisrtdenali.jpg15alaska-fisrtdenali.jpgHere’s Denali in front of us!
16alaska-fisrtdenali.jpgThe flight on a tiny screw plane, deftly maneuvering and making fantastically steep turns between the rocks, clouds, never melting ice caps and glaciers, is, perhaps, the ultimate experience of my holiday! Nothing else can be added.
17alaska-fisrtdenali.jpg18alaska-fisrtdenali.jpgThere’s a heart at the bottom, isn’t it?
19alaska-fisrtdenali.jpgIn the meantime, we reached the Eldridge Glacier, one of the largest on the slopes of Mount Denali and suitable for planting of a small-engine aircraft. We approached an improvised strip, and in a couple of seconds we were rushing on skis on the incandescent snow!
20alaska-fisrtdenali.jpgThe airplane standing on skis on the glacier, bright sun, incandescent snow (at which it is impossible to look without sunglasses), and fantastic, incredible mountains around! Yes, it was worth to travel half the world!!!
21alaska-fisrtdenali.jpg22alaska-fisrtdenali.jpgClimbers camped in the neighborhood of Eldridge Glacier:
23alaska-fisrtdenali.jpgAh, I wish I could stay here on the glacier a little longer... But it's time to come back... Here’re mountains, again and again...
24alaska-fisrtdenali.jpg25alaska-fisrtdenali.jpgFinally, rocks gradually recede, and we lead for a "highway":
26alaska-fisrtdenali.jpgHere’s the karst area again:
27alaska-fisrtdenali.jpgFinally, the mountains are left behind, and vast marshy plains spread out below us...
28alaska-fisrtdenali.jpg29alaska-fisrtdenali.jpgWe cross Chulitna after Susitna:
30alaska-fisrtdenali.jpgThe brook in the swamps reminiscent of a bizarre worm!
31alaska-fisrtdenali.jpgThis is the Talkeetna airport. The skis are no longer needed.
32alaska-fisrtdenali.jpgIt was indeed a fantastic flight!!!
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Zoozi

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