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Alesund, Norway

Uritsk Andrey • 6 minutes read • April 23rd, 2016

Today we have rather unusual program - from 8-45 to 9-30 in the morning the ship is in Alesund, then, switching for some time from the main route, it slightly goes back and comes in the 


den of amazing beauty, in the depths of which there is the small town of Geiranger. Part of tourist were brought ashore by a boat and went on a bus tour called "Geiranger Panorama", which allowed to see the fjord from the heights of its cliffs and to discover this area of ​​Norway a little deeper. Then the ferry with those tourists who did not go on the bus tour passes back Geirangerfjord and returns to Alesund. And the tourists who went on a tour, path this route on the bus and meet the ferry in... but let's not run ahead - we'll talk about this later, and now, early in the morning, we come to

Alesund Norway


Aalesund is a fairly large city  with roughly 40.000 inhabitants on the west coast of Norway, and has been known as a major coastal trading center since the Middle Ages. But its current popularity and charm the city got, curiously enough, after the tragedy - in 1904 the old town was completely destroyed by fire, but was promptly reconstructed in the Art Nouveau style. So turrets, spires and other interesting architectural details of the city appeared, making it one of the most unique and attractive cities in modern Norway. When approaching the city from the sea it becomes noticeable how landscape changes with the distance from the mountain, and vast fir forests appear. Alesund city center is built on three islands rugged with coves and connected by bridges. It is surrounded by the sea literally from all sides. Numerous canals and bays, windows of the quarters looking at their quays, as well as dozens of yachts and fishing boats, moored right in the city center - all this makes Alesund looking like Venice.

As you may remember, in Bergen we began to explore the city from the observation deck, and then we deepened into a series of city blocks. Here it turned out exactly the opposite - in the morning we walked through the streets and quays of Alesund, and in the evening (because today we had two stops in Alesund) we admired "Norwegian Venice" from the observation deck, located on the top of the Aksla mountain at an altitude of 189 meters above sea level, completing with this bright chord unusually interesting and amazingly emotional "Geiranger Panorama" tour. And now it is the morning. We have forty-five minutes - during this time it is possible to walk around the city and see the most interesting. Let's make a short walk through "Norwegian Venice" (as Alesund unintentionally was nicknamed in my head).

Here we are on the approach to the city:

The clouds were left behind - the morning forecasts a nice day:

Here's Alesund city - Art Nouveau  in the background of mountains!

We start our walk - we move from the pier to the adjacent embankments and neighborhoods:

Such funny illustrations are met on the facades of the Alesund's houses:

Alesund city center - it is quarters facing directly to the water, built in the early 20th century, and embankments with moored yachts, fishing boats and ferries...

Here's one of the fishing boats moored at the quay:

We are going deeper into the city quarters, most of which were built in the early 20th century in the Art Nouveau style.

Fishing is one of the main fields in Norway. Not surprisingly, that there is a monument of fisherman in Alesund...

And here is another one "fish" monument:

If you move away from the center, you can see at the sea not just yachts, but also larger vessels...

The waterfront is in flowers:

And it's time to go back to the ferry...

At 9-45 MS "Midnatsol" for some time leaves Alesund. And here are a few more pictures of the city from the water:

Passing from a course for a while, the vessel leaves the waters of Alesund and begins its voyage to the Geirangerfjord - one of the most amazing fjords of Norway, listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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