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Alexandria Park, Peterhof. Saint Petersburg, Russia

Nefer • 4 minutes read • December 4th, 2016
Alexandria Park in

Saint Petersburg

was wonderful. It is located not far from the


. It was a residence of the wife of Emperor Nicholas I, Alexandra. The park and buildings were designed by Englishmen. The territory is large enough, though it is well maintained. Everything is very harmonious, there is no feeling of artificiality. Moreover, the park has an access to sea.
The park is open from 9 am. Keep in mind that the museum is open from 10:30 and Monday is the day off.
1alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpg2alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpgThe park has several buildings: office building (in the photo), kitchen and actually the palace, "The Cottage".
3alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpgThe palace is not big.
4alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpg5alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpgThere's a gazebo  and monument of the crown prince Alexei Nikolayevich nearby the palace. The bronze sculpture was installed in 1994.
6alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpg7alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpg8alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpg9alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpg10alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpg11alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpgThe palace has a sea view.
12alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpgI went deeply in the park. It looks like a forest.
13alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpg14alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpgThis is a marine guardhouse on the shore of the Gulf of Finland.
15alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpg16alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpg17alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpg18alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpg19alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpgThe park is very big. Therefore, there are such shuttles in the park. The fare was 4 USD (as of 2013).
20alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpgThis is a Farm Palace. First, it was a farm, but later, Alexander II turned it into a palace.
21alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpgThis is Gothic well.
22alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpg23alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpgHere's a

Gothic chapel

24alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpg25alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpgThis is Alexander Nevsky Cathedral built in 1831-1834.
26alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpg27alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpg28alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpg29alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpgThis is an obelisk to builders of Peterhof.
30alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpg31alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpgHere's the Ruin bridge. Nearby, there was the Menshikov Palace "Mon Courage", which had been in a dilapidated condition for a long time, so people started to call the bridge the Ruin Bridge. There is a guard booth with a man in the form, who keeps order in the park.
32alexandria-park-peterhof-saint-petersburg-russia.jpgTo get this park, you can go by shuttle bus from Avtovo subway, Leninsky Avenue, Veterans Avenue or by usual bus No.200. You can also go by train from the Baltic station to the station called New Peterhof.
Author: Nefer
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