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Amenities Of Malta

lavagra • 5 minutes read • January 25th, 2017
1amenities-of-malta.jpgMalta is not considered to be a country with a lot of natural attractions. There are no forests, no lakes or rivers. There are also few mountains and even beaches. Tourists are often offered the clean sea, rich marine life and numerous historical sights of different epochs. Yet there are at least two places in this tiny country, described by almost all the brochures and guidebooks as one of the most spectacular wonders of the local nature. And if you go to Malta, you should visit it. In this review, I'm going to tell about the

Blue Grotto

and Azure Window.
2amenities-of-malta.jpgThe Blue Grotto is extremely popular among tourists. It is located not far from


and besides, except by way of tourist tours, it is not difficult to get there by regular bus. In general, there are plenty of places in Europe under the name the Blue Grotto. All these places are united by the phenomenon of the natural rock formations, filled with clear water blue.
3amenities-of-malta.jpgWe went to the Maltese Blue Grotto on the first day of our stay on the island. First, we noticed an observation deck on the edge of the cliff. The Maltese Blue Grotto has a highly visible layout. Therefore, you must see the grotto from the observation deck.
4amenities-of-malta.jpg5amenities-of-malta.jpg6amenities-of-malta.jpgMoving further down the road, we found ourselves in a small village at the coast of a narrow cove. Once there was a fishing village. Although, the locals have quickly grasped new ideas and hurried to become tour guides.
7amenities-of-malta.jpgThe village is living solely off the tourism. There are plenty of souvenir shops and cafes, as well as few hotels.
8amenities-of-malta.jpgThe tours to the Blue Grotto cost from 3.5 euro for children and up to 7euro for adults (as of 2013).
9amenities-of-malta.jpg10amenities-of-malta.jpg11amenities-of-malta.jpg12amenities-of-malta.jpgOur guide was telling the names of the caves and showed us interesting rock formations.
13amenities-of-malta.jpg14amenities-of-malta.jpg15amenities-of-malta.jpgNext day, we visited the

Azure Window

16amenities-of-malta.jpgUnfortunately, it was cloudy that day.
17amenities-of-malta.jpgThe Azure Window is a unique rocky bridge-arch of 50 meters high between two cliffs. The waves of the Mediterranean have created this natural wonder during many millenniums.
18amenities-of-malta.jpgYou can also get this place by public transport.
19amenities-of-malta.jpg20amenities-of-malta.jpgNot far away from the Azure Window, there is another local attraction - the so-called Inland Sea. It is a small pond filled with sea water that has fallen through the pass-through in the massive rock arch extending from the Azure Window.
21amenities-of-malta.jpgWhen the weather is good, the locals bring tourists on boat trips through this natural corridor length of almost 100 meters, as well as at the Blue Grotto. Many people prefer diving there. After all, even Jacques-Yves Cousteau praised the local underwater species.
22amenities-of-malta.jpgMany of boathouses are built around the Inland Sea.
23amenities-of-malta.jpgSo if you go to Malta, don't forget about these places of attraction. Although, I would recommend to go there during a low season when there are less of annoying tourists with their cameras.
24amenities-of-malta.jpg Author: lavagra
Translated by: 

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