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American Brothel

Sergey Dolya • 3 minutes read • November 16th, 2015





, while my wife with the kids went riding on the train, I went to the local brothel, which was built in 1897. Then, during the gold fever, about 14 000 gold-diggers constantly were in this town and they were 'served' by 300 girls. The session lasted 15 minutes and cost $5.

On the ground floor were sold the drinks, and the second floor was divided into 10 tiny rooms, in each of which lived a girl. The bartender had 10 figures, at most similar to each specific girl from the second floor. The visitor chose a partner to his liking, focusing on the doll. After the choice had been made, he went up to her, and the bartender turned the girl's doll on the back. Thus all knew that she was currently busy. 

Every room was connected with the cash-desk on the first floor with a copper pipe. When 15-minute session ended, the girl threw money in the pipe (5 gold dollars). Through the sound of the falling gold bartender realized that she got free, and turned the figure back...


Electricity in


appeared a year earlier than in New York. Wires in those days were drawn directly on the ceiling:

When new girl entered the room, she necessarily glue the wallpaper. During 2 years gained on average 18 layers of wallpaper. Apparently, there was a strong turnover, and nobody could stand for a long time:

And this is a typical room. The bed is disassembled, but its arcs hang on the wall. Please note that it was very narrow:

Madame's room was bigger and the bed was a little wider:

Madame's photo:

Meanwhile downstairs:
Author: Sergeydolya
Translated by: Gian Luka

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