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Anglesea Beach. Melbourne, Australia

Anich • 3 minutes read • October 22nd, 2016
Today, I'll show you a small beach in the town of 



Here’s a view of 


from above.
1australia-anglesea-beach.jpgNow let's see the view from below.

There was lots of algae on the beach.
It was very relaxing there. I was admiring the Indian Ocean, the shining sun, warm water and soft sand...
2australia-anglesea-beach.jpgThe ocean was clean, though in these photos it looks like the water was muddy. 
But these are the waves near the shore that kick up the sand.
3australia-anglesea-beach.jpgPlease note that almost everyone did not go farther than the waist.
This is because there can be sharks, so you should always keep an eye out and never swim too far.

A few days before we were swimming in Geelong. This is a town 31 miles (50 km) from Anglesea, where we stayed.
First of all, there’s a huge bay, so it’s difficult to feel as if you’re resting by the ocean. And secondly, the swimming area was fenced with grids (you can see that in this picture).
But Anglesea is close to the ocean and it is much nicer there, though it is a little more dangerous.
4australia-anglesea-beach.jpgWe spent two hours on the beach and then we went back to our house in Geelong.

Geelong riverview tourist park is a real small town, with a few streets and a large number of houses and places to park caravans
5australia-anglesea-beach.jpg6australia-anglesea-beach.jpg7australia-anglesea-beach.jpg8australia-anglesea-beach.jpgThat evening we went for a walk in 


Here you can find the review about it.
 Author: Anich
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