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Another Cruise Around Europe

Ehlzhbeta Chegarova - prosto_gost • 6 minutes read • June 29th, 2016
1anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpg2anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpgThe route of the cruise was the following: Amsterdam - 




 - Kirkwall (all three ports belong to Scotland) - Belfast (Northern Ireland, UK) - Dublin (Ireland) - Sent Peter Port (the Guernsey Island, UK), 

Le Havre 

(France) - Amsterdam.
The first port Queensferry, the ship anchored, passengers were taken to the coast by boats.
3anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpgHospitable Scots were greeting people on the docks.
4anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpg5anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpgOne can get to Edinburgh for 10 euro in 15 minutes by a shuttle bus. The first destination, where all the tourists are rushing to, is the Edinburgh Castle.
For 6 euro you can take an audio guide in any language there. Individual guides are mostly Scots.
Locals are very friendly:
6anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpgThe Knight Braveheart is posing for a silver coin...
7anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpgThe Royal Mile runs from the Castle, where the Scottish Crown and the Stone of Destiny are kept, to the Royal Palace. Here you can see many things:
8anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpg9anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpgFinally, we arrived there! The queen of Great Britain resides in the Palace (Holyrood Palace) during her visits.
10anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpgIn general, we walked around the most important attractions of the capital of Scotland, bought souvenirs and drank local beer in the pub... And by the end of the day, we returned to the port. This bridge is depicted on many postcards of Edinburgh.
11anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpg12anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpgBy the way, shore excursions are sold onboard. The choice is wide - walking around the city or photo-expedition to rare places with a guide. All tours are in English. We bought a trip to Loch Ness from the port of Inverness, where, in fact, there’s nothing to do. 
13anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpg14anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpg15anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpgThe ruins of the Urquhart Castle on the shore of the lake:
16anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpgThere are many islands in the north of Scotland. We landed at the port Kirkwall. We took a taxi to explore the island on our own. And I do not regret it!
The megalithic stones, which are usually shown to tourists, are set in a circle by the first people in these abandoned places...
17anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpgSecondly, tourists may admire the flora and fauna.
18anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpg19anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpg20anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpgAnother day at the sea.

We landed at the port of Belfast, Northern Ireland (part of the UK).
21anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpgWe found the parking lot of the tourist bus in the city center.
22anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpgYou can ride it for 12 pounds. In 2 hours you can go around the city and its vicinities. We noticed a lot of real estate for sale, and also the creativity of the population. Generally, it is restless there.
23anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpgDublin is totally different! That's where you want to go back! There’s beer, flowers, shops, the strike of fishermen, and doors of different colors everywhere...
24anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpgThe next harbor parking is on the Guernsey Island, St Peter Port.
This is a true paradise on Earth!!! What a great place!
The island belongs to the United Kingdom, but there’s own currency, pounds, which are in use only there. There’s an economic free zone, goods are free of taxation, thus purchases are a true pleasure.
By the way, it was the first time I saw self-service shops...
25anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpgMooring in the morning, the quay looked like this:
26anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpgThe water was gone while we were walking around, had lunch in a restaurant, did some shopping...
27anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpgThat was a warning to us because the next day we were going to get to Saint-Michel island, a visit of which depends on the tides.
I have already been several times to the French port of Le Havre.
28anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpgWe rented a car and rushed to Saint-Michel. The road is very picturesque.
29anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpgThe distance is 135 miles (218 km).
We left the car in the parking lot and we went to the island.
30anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpgThe gates serve as the entrance to the city. We went to the abbey on a narrow street, encircling the island full of souvenir shops and restaurants.
31anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpgThe admission ticket is 8.5 euro, and it’s free for children under 17.
As there was a low tide, one could go inspect the bottom around the island.
32anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpg33anothercruise-aroundeurope.jpgWe spent another day at sea and then we arrived in another port... But this is a different story!
Author: Ehlzhbeta Chegarova
Translated by: Zoozi

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