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Antigua. P.1.

mff • 5 minutes read • October 6th, 2015
This is the beach on the 

island of Antigua, one of two Islands of the West Indies island state of Antigua and Barbuda.


The beaches are picturesque. 

South Beach

There are no private beaches in 

Antigua; instead there are coffee shops, villas and hotels, built behind the line of maximum tide height. The beaches near hotels are perfectly clean, however other places can be rather unpleasant.

Long Bay Beach

The Caribbean out of the season has some advantages: the temperature is not as high at 75°F (24°C), in contrast to the usual 86°F (30°C).

Also during the off-season, there are less tourists which some may see as an advantage when planning a trip:

Booklets in the hotel can scare tourists, warning them about the rising violent crimes on 

Antigua island: they ask not to go out at night to unknown areas, or to show valuables and to close the windows and doors of cars, even while driving. 

Boons Bay Beach

Drug dealer, Long Bay Beach

Hodges Bay Beach

Children playing on Long Bay Beach.

A game of cricket, Long Bay Beach
Many of the resort properties are independent villas, but there are a few organized cottage settlements. 

Jolly Harbour cottage village

Ordinary locals live in 'shacks':

Houses like these are more or less evenly scattered throughout the island, becoming more prominent near the capital, St John's.

Saint John's 

The majority of the buildings are all one or two-stories, preserved from the colonial era, which ended in 1981 for Antigua.

A monument to Columbus in Puerto Rico. The word 'colonization' comes from Cristóbal Colón, the Spanish spelling of the name of Christopher Columbus.

The Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Divine

More of the local towns:

It is here that the father of the nation, Sir Vere Cornwall Bird Sr., (who managed to retain power from 1960 to 1994, under the British and during the independence, that he made his own son the Prime Minister for 10 years) climbs out of a cake:


Plus sizes


Below you can see a typical retail store during the reign of Queen Victoria or King George: on the first floor there is ‘convenience store’ (check it out - on the left there is a counter for the ice — you can find them in every third cafe/shop), and on the second floor there are accommodations. The store still works, but the house is empty.

The owner of the store died almost a year ago and so has the business: 

Farewell Patrick P.C. Southwell

Jah Lives

Some views of Saint John’s.

Now Available Coconut Water on Ice

Usually, in the Caribbean, towns people take pictures of the cruise superliners towering over the town. 

Safety First

There is complete order in St. John's, as far as it is possible in the Caribbean.
Author: MFF
Translated by: Gian Luka

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