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Antique Italy

Ehlzhbeta Chegarova - prosto_gost • 6 minutes read • July 1st, 2016
1italycruise-ppnr.jpgFour Italian cities Palermo, Pompeii, Naples and Rome were left to visit according to our route.


turned out to be different than I imagined: we didn’t see mafia wrangles, and we failed to do normal shopping. We were viewing the city from the second-floor city tour bus and walked around a little bit:
This is the Garibaldi "Politeama" theatre (which means theater building for a variety of performances, from circus performances to dramatic ones).
The rounded design of the building, open bunk loggias and multicolored decor are vaguely reminiscent of the style of Pompeian buildings (this city we’re going to visit). Pompeian buildings (this city we’re going to visit).
2italycruise-ppnr.jpgVillena square or more popularly known as the

Quattro Canti

(Four Corners) is located at the junction of the principal axes of the city - street Vittorio Emanuele and Maqueda. Having cleverly cut the corners of houses, the architects unusually shaped the square as an octagon, where each "corner" is ennobled with a fountain with allegorical statues of the seasons, the statues of the Spanish monarchs are hoisted in the niches of the second tier, and the images of the heavenly patroness of the city (St. Agatha, Cristina, Ninfa and Oliva) are on the top of the third tier.
3italycruise-ppnr.jpgPreviously, there was the early Christian basilica, which later the Moors turned into the "Friday Mosque" in honor of the sacred day of Moslems. Afterward, the Normans restored the church, and then the


was built in honor to the Dormition of the Mother of God. The current quirky appearance of the Palermo temple is the result of a variety of alterations, which he had been undergone for several centuries.
4italycruise-ppnr.jpgThat's all about Palermo. And it’s time to go to Naples!
We got up early in the morning to have breakfast with a view of Vesuvius, but the sun was still asleep behind the cloud featherbed :)))
5italycruise-ppnr.jpgIn 20 minute’s walk, we reached a railway station of Naples, and in another half hour of traveling by train, we had arrived in the ancient Pompeii city!
On the 24th of August in 79 AD a little after noon a previously dozing Vesuvius had erupted the cover of death from six to seven meters thick, consisting of ash, slag and porous pieces of lava on the cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabiae, sheltering at the foot of the menacing mountain. Most of the population, which at that time numbered about twenty thousand residents died from choking on the roads, in homes, in basements, hoping to avoid toxic fumes and the fury of fire destroying everything in its path. Only a few people managed to escape...
Basilica, except its direct purpose, is the Department of Justice and the Tribunal, where merchants were gathering and making deals.
6italycruise-ppnr.jpgHere’s the Temple of Apollo, a bronze copy of the statue of Apollo, shooting a bow.
7italycruise-ppnr.jpgHere’s the House of Orpheus. It was named due to a large mural on the wall representing "Orpheus among the wild beasts".
8italycruise-ppnr.jpgThis is the House of Tolerance. There are ten rooms arranged on two floors. More spacious and secluded the upper ones were intended for the best customers; there are less secluded narrow rooms on the ground floor. Decor was almost absent. There was masonry as a bed and burlap with a piece of cloth and a pillow serving as a bed-linen. However, the walls are covered with real "posters", illustrating the services that the girls of the house were offering:
20italycruise-ppnr.jpg21italycruise-ppnr.jpg22italycruise-ppnr.jpg23italycruise-ppnr.jpgWe saw baths, casino, theater, bakeries, markets, houses of important citizens; we walked along the streets, stood at the crossroads...
The famous Campania lemons were sold on the square not far from the railway station. There are guys pressing the juice out of lemons. Generally, lemons are used here wherever possible. Locals are preparing liqueurs, baking pies, etc.
13italycruise-ppnr.jpgWe came back to Naples and had a little time to wander around the city.
This is Castel Nuovo, or New Castle. There’s an interesting legend popular among the locals that is associated with dungeons-jails of the Castle, located on the sea side. According to legend, the prisoners had disappeared without a trace from a ward located below the water level. It was found that a huge crocodile was penetrating through the hole in the wall in a dungeon and it was dragging the victims into the sea. :))
14italycruise-ppnr.jpgThis is a fence of the garden of the Palace, at the gates of which two groups of sculptures of the famous series "Taming of Horses" of Klodt were set.
15italycruise-ppnr.jpgHere’s the Umberto Gallery, the kingdom of luxury boutiques and cafes.
16italycruise-ppnr.jpgVesuvius was looking calmly and tranquilly at the ship leaving Naples...
17italycruise-ppnr.jpgOur cruise ended in Civitavecchia, where it had started.
The ship's library is striking for its wealth, comfort and respectability.
18italycruise-ppnr.jpgWe walked a little around Rome, and returned home...
19italycruise-ppnr.jpgInformation on prices (as of 2009):
Naples-Pompei train fare is EUR 2.40
Entrance ticket to Pompei EUR 11
Author: Ehlzhbeta Chegarova
Translated by: Zoozi

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