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Aoi Aso Shrine

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Aoi Aso Shrine (青井阿蘇神社, Aoi Aso Jinja) is a Shinto shrine in Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. It is colloquially known as Aoi-san (青井さん). It was originally established as a prefectural shrine, but is currently designated as a national shrine (別表神社, Beppyo Jinja).

Five of the structures of Aoi Aso Shrine, the Main Hall (本殿, honden), Offering Hall (幣殿, heiden), Oratory (拝殿, haiden), the two-storied Rōmon (楼門) gate and the Corridor (, ) are listed as National Treasures of Japan. ||| Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 ||| Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 1.0

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