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Aore Island

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Aore Island is an island in Sanma Province, Vanuatu. It is located opposite Luganville on Espiritu Santo and has an area of 58 km2.


Aore Island has diving and fishing. There are numerous resorts on the island catering for tourists, weddings and baptisms. Aore Island is a haven for divers, being right on the doorstep of world class wreck and reef diving. Several of the wreck dives include the SS President Coolidge, SS Tucker, and the MV Henry Bonneaud. Whether at anchor or trolling along the pristine coastline, anglers from novice to the most experienced enjoy outstanding year-round fishing in Aore and the clear blue waters of Espiritu Santo and its neighbouring islands.

Tourism and plantations are Aore Islands main provider of employment and economic revenue.


The Seventh-day Adventist Church has been active on Aore Island since the early 20th century, and operates a co-educational boarding secondary school, Aore Adventist Academy located on the mid-south coast of the island.

Youth With A Mission is a Christian organization (known commonly as YWAM) which runs a school for youth to be involved in Disciple Training Schools (DTS) or further training. A DTS runs for about 6 months. The first half is training and involves life changing teaching from teachers around the world. The second half is outreach, so the students will leave Aore Island for another destination in the world and share their faith in God. The base is found on the south west side of Aore Island.

Large colonies of bats occupy the island's many caves.


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