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Aqaba Fortress

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Aqaba Castle, Mamluk Castle or Aqaba Fort (قلعة العقبة): Located in Aqaba, Jordan. The scene of a great Arab victory in July 1916 when this heavily defended Turkish stronghold fell to a daring Arab camel charge. Lawrence of Arabia rode triumphantly from here to Cairo to report the good news to an astonished General Allenby. The port of Aqaba became a major supply base for the advancing Arab Revolt

The castle was originally built by the Mamluk sultan Qansweh Al Ghuri in the 14th century. The fort is located next to the Aqaba Flagpole which carries the flag of the Arab revolt again the Ottomans. Adjacent to the fort is the Aqaba Archaeological Museum. The museum next to the fort was once the residence of Sharif Hussein.

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