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Archaeological Museum of Sparta

Sparta, Greece
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The Archaeological Museum of Sparta (Greek: Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο Σπάρτης) is a museum in Sparta in Greece. It houses thousands of finds from the ancient Acropolis of Sparta, known as the Lakedaemonia, but also from the rest of the municipality of Laconia. The collection's pieces date from the Neolithic Age to the late Roman Period. There are seven rooms of an approximate area of 500 square metres (5,400 sq ft) which display only a small part of the collection. Administratively it belongs in 5th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classic Antiquities.


In the museum are housed finds from excavations around the prefecture of Lakonia, provided that they are not exposed in collections of the archaeological museum Gythion or Neapolis.

  • Room I): Stelae of Roman years.
  • Room II): Finds from the shrine of Artemis Orthia.
  • Room III΄): Monumental sculpture and portraiture of Roman era.
  • Room IV): Prehistoric finds from the wider region of Lakonia.
  • Room V): Samples of Roman mosaics.
  • Room VI: Architectonic parts of Apollo temple in Amyclae, that constitute also the more major department of collection
  • Room VII: Finds of Lakonian sculpture.


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