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Argentina. Buenos Aires. Recoleta Neighborhood

Capi4ca • 3 minutes read • May 23rd, 2016
From a poor La Boca neighborhood, we arrived in Recoleta, a rich neighborhood in 

Buenos Aires.

The El Pilar church and the Recoleta Cemetery are situated here. This is a true "city of the dead"...
1argentine-recoleta.jpgFamous people are buried at the cemetery. Some burial places with sculptures are recognized as historical monuments. That is why there are tourist excursions there.

If relatives do not reveal themselves in 50 years, the burial place is sold. Therefore, some burial places are destroyed, abandoned, people are waiting for 50 years to pass.

We're entering.
2argentine-recoleta.jpg3argentine-recoleta.jpg4argentine-recoleta.jpg5argentine-recoleta.jpg6argentine-recoleta.jpg7argentine-recoleta.jpg8argentine-recoleta.jpg9argentine-recoleta.jpg10argentine-recoleta.jpg11argentine-recoleta.jpg12argentine-recoleta.jpg13argentine-recoleta.jpgWe're going to the El Pilar church.
14argentine-recoleta.jpg15argentine-recoleta.jpg16argentine-recoleta.jpg 17argentine-recoleta.jpg18argentine-recoleta.jpg19argentine-recoleta.jpg20argentine-recoleta.jpg21argentine-recoleta.jpg22argentine-recoleta.jpg23argentine-recoleta.jpgWe're exiting and going to the car.
24argentine-recoleta.jpg25argentine-recoleta.jpg26argentine-recoleta.jpg27argentine-recoleta.jpg28argentine-recoleta.jpgWe're coming back to the hotel. What beautiful street-lamps!
29argentine-recoleta.jpgThere's the familiar obelisk there.
The tour ended at 2 pm. In the evening, at 7.30 pm, we're going to dinner with tango dancing.
We have some free time now till the evening. We're going to walk around the city.
Author: Capi4ca
Translated by: Zoozi

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