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Argentina. Buenos Aires. The Rose Garden

Capi4ca • 3 minutes read • June 4th, 2016
We walked around the Rose Garden in 

Buenos Aires city

1buenos-rosegarden.jpgThere’s a fenced area next to the beds of roses. They're probably planning another garden of roses there.
2buenos-rosegarden.jpg3buenos-rosegarden.jpg4buenos-rosegarden.jpg6buenos-rosegarden.jpg7buenos-rosegarden.jpg8buenos-rosegarden.jpg9buenos-rosegarden.jpg10buenos-rosegarden.jpg11buenos-rosegarden.jpg12buenos-rosegarden.jpg13buenos-rosegarden.jpgWe came to the fence of the pond, and the gaggle swam toward us.
15buenos-rosegarden.jpg16buenos-rosegarden.jpgWe’re going to the exit of the Rose garden.
17buenos-rosegarden.jpg18buenos-rosegarden.jpgThe Rose garden is left behind us, and we’re going to the subway.
19buenos-rosegarden.jpgParrots were arguing about something on the lawn :)
20buenos-rosegarden.jpg21buenos-rosegarden.jpgIt is odd to see parrots among pigeons!
22buenos-rosegarden.jpgWe arrived at the Monument to the Carta Magna and Four Regions of Argentina.
23buenos-rosegarden.jpgWe’re going further.
24buenos-rosegarden.jpgWe went through the park where people walk their dogs.
25buenos-rosegarden.jpg26buenos-rosegarden.jpgWe’re going to the subway.
27buenos-rosegarden.jpgThe zoo is located near the station which explains the interior of the subway.
28buenos-rosegarden.jpgLet's go to the central square of 

Buenos Aires

, May Square, and a pink palace. From there, we will go for a walk around the city.
Author: Capi4ca
Translated by: Zoozi

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