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Argentina. Buenos Aires. Zoo. P2

Capi4ca • 3 minutes read • May 29th, 2016
We're continuing our 

tour in Buenos Aires

1buenos-zoo17.jpgWe're walking around the zoo.
These are the lamas.
3buenos-zoo17.jpg4buenos-zoo17.jpg 5buenos-zoo17.jpgHere are the camels.
6buenos-zoo17.jpgThis is a condor. We have seen it in the wild.
7buenos-zoo17.jpgThis one was sitting very high up.
8buenos-zoo17.jpgHere are the spotted deer.
9buenos-zoo17.jpg10buenos-zoo17.jpgAloe is about to blossom.
11buenos-zoo17.jpgIt is usually planted along the paths. We are turning to the other side of 

the Buenos Aires zoo

12buenos-zoo17.jpgThe crocodile hid from us. Only his tail is visible.
13buenos-zoo17.jpgHere are funny lambs.
14buenos-zoo17.jpgTheir heads are black.
15buenos-zoo17.jpgThis is the rhino.
16buenos-zoo17.jpg17buenos-zoo17.jpg18buenos-zoo17.jpgHere is the hippopotamus.
19buenos-zoo17.jpg20buenos-zoo17.jpgThese are the buffalos.
21buenos-zoo17.jpg22buenos-zoo17.jpgVisitors are allowed to enter the bird pavilion. Here are the parrots.
23buenos-zoo17.jpg24buenos-zoo17.jpgThese are the herons.
25buenos-zoo17.jpgI didn't recognize it at first, but later I found out it was the pheasant!
26buenos-zoo17.jpg27buenos-zoo17.jpg28buenos-zoo17.jpgWe're going to the exit.
29buenos-zoo17.jpg30buenos-zoo17.jpgComing back, we saw the panther basking and rolling in the sun.
This is a painted leopard.
32buenos-zoo17.jpg33buenos-zoo17.jpg34buenos-zoo17.jpgAuthor: Capi4ca
Translated by: Zoozi

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