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Argentina. Buenos Aires. Zoo. P3. Predators

Capi4ca • 3 minutes read • June 4th, 2016
Wikipedia: "The White Tiger – is a species of the Bengal tiger with a congenital mutation (it is not considered a separate subspecies). The mutation leads to a completely white color – a tiger with blue eyes and with black and brown stripes on a white fur. This color is very rare among wild animals..."
1buenosaires-zoo16.jpgPassing by sea lions, we go further. We are already familiar with this bear :)
2buenosaires-zoo16.jpgIt likes to sleep :)
3buenosaires-zoo16.jpgHere’s the American black bear.
4buenosaires-zoo16.jpgIt’s interesting that only a ditch separates them from the visitors, as well as some rope fence.
5buenosaires-zoo16.jpg6buenosaires-zoo16.jpgIt roared furiously!
7buenosaires-zoo16.jpg8buenosaires-zoo16.jpgWhat a sleeping pose…Come on, you’re the king! :)
9buenosaires-zoo16.jpgLions are separated with the ditch which you can go down to. The ditch is deep, there's a net on the wall.
10buenosaires-zoo16.jpgThe ditch next to the elephant is shallow.
11buenosaires-zoo16.jpgIt’s so dirty in the elephant’s aviary after the rain!
12buenosaires-zoo16.jpg13buenosaires-zoo16.jpgNutrias live along the anteater.
14buenosaires-zoo16.jpgThis is the nutria.
15buenosaires-zoo16.jpgHere are white tigers. This is the aviary behind the glass.
16buenosaires-zoo16.jpg17buenosaires-zoo16.jpg18buenosaires-zoo16.jpg19buenosaires-zoo16.jpg20buenosaires-zoo16.jpgLet’s go further.
21buenosaires-zoo16.jpgThis is a capybara or a water pig. Locals call it 'karpincho'. It is the largest rodent. I wasn’t aware of such an animal before :)
22buenosaires-zoo16.jpgHere’s the panther.
23buenosaires-zoo16.jpgThis is the cheetah.
24buenosaires-zoo16.jpgThis is the bison.
25buenosaires-zoo16.jpgThe zoo in 

Buenos Aires 

is large :)
Author: Capi4ca
Translated by: Zoozi

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