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Argentina. Buenos Aires. Zoo. P4. Aquarium

Capi4ca • 3 minutes read • June 4th, 2016
The sea lion is catching a fish on-the-fly:
1buenosaires-aquazoo.jpgLet's go to the 

Buenos Aires Zoo

 since it is open :) The entrance ticket is about 7 dollars.
Ducks and peacocks are strolling along the paths, but Patagonian maras are the most interesting.
4buenosaires-aquazoo.jpgHere’s the Patagonian mara. It looks like a hare, or a rabbit, or a pig :)
5buenosaires-aquazoo.jpgThere is a lake to the left of the pathway.
6buenosaires-aquazoo.jpgThere are flamingos afar.
7buenosaires-aquazoo.jpgThis is a plan of the zoo.
8buenosaires-aquazoo.jpgFirst, we went to see the snakes. It was dark inside and impossible to photograph.
9buenosaires-aquazoo.jpgThen we went to the aquarium.
10buenosaires-aquazoo.jpgThis is a local bird. It looks similar to a raccoon with its head coloring :)
11buenosaires-aquazoo.jpgThe aquarium is small.
12buenosaires-aquazoo.jpg13buenosaires-aquazoo.jpgThese are penguins.
14buenosaires-aquazoo.jpg15buenosaires-aquazoo.jpgThese are typical aquarium fishes.
16buenosaires-aquazoo.jpgWe’re going to the exit. Here’s a familiar local bird.
17buenosaires-aquazoo.jpgThere’s a pool of sea lions next to the aquarium. The performances are given on the other side of the pool.
18buenosaires-aquazoo.jpgOne of them got the fish.
19buenosaires-aquazoo.jpg20buenosaires-aquazoo.jpg21buenosaires-aquazoo.jpgOthers also want some!
22buenosaires-aquazoo.jpgThe man in red feeds sea lions with fish.
23buenosaires-aquazoo.jpgThe performance starts at 2 p.m. Let's go!
24buenosaires-aquazoo.jpg25buenosaires-aquazoo.jpg26buenosaires-aquazoo.jpg27buenosaires-aquazoo.jpg28buenosaires-aquazoo.jpg29buenosaires-aquazoo.jpgThe show ended. Let’s go further.
30buenosaires-aquazoo.jpgAuthor: Capi4ca
Translated by: Zoozi

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