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Argentina. Tierra del Fuego Island. Ushuaia

Capi4ca • 4 minutes read • June 12th, 2016


 is the southernmost city in the world. It is located on the shores of the

Beagle Channel

and there are just 900 km from here to Antarctica. The city has a port, and cruise ships come here on their way to Antarctica.

So, we arrived in the city of


. We were met by a guide (he had lived there for 15 years).

On the way to a hotel, the guide showed us a little part of the city.
Here is a view of Ushuaia from an observation deck:
We are going from the airport to the city.
You can see a blue building of the airport in the distance.
We arrived at the observation deck opposite the city.
Here are wild geese!
The wind there is so strong!
White building in the shape of a bird is a casino.
You can fly a helicopter - it costs 320 pesos (40 dollars - during our visit in the year 2014). Although, usually, the helicopter operates until 15 April. We did not fly, but one of our tourists flew.
We are going to the city.
This is the casino. Near it, there is a park with photos of the military Falkland Islands Conflict.
This is the Evita Museum (with black roof). The leftmost building in the shape of the letter "A" is the "Albatros" hotel.
We drove along the main street called San Martin, which ends with the square of museums. A yellow building in the distance is a former prison. Now it houses local history museum called Museo del Fin del Mundo (The End of the World Museum).
Let's take a walk around the city before it grows dark.
Author: Capi4ca
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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