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Argentine. Buenos Aires. La Boca

Capi4ca • 3 minutes read • May 22nd, 2016
Immigrants from Italy settled in the neighborhood of La Boca in the late 19th century. It was the first port of 

Buenos Aires

. The famous Argentine tango was born in this neighborhood.
Now La Boca has become a tourist attraction. Everything closes at 5 pm because it's getting dark, and the neighborhood is unsafe. It is better not to go there in the evening.
1argentine-laboca.jpgThis is the Holy Trinity Cathedral built in 1901.
3argentine-laboca.jpg4argentine-laboca.jpg5argentine-laboca.jpg6argentine-laboca.jpgThis is our stop. 
7argentine-laboca.jpgWe're walking down the streets.
8argentine-laboca.jpg11argentine-laboca.jpg12argentine-laboca.jpg14argentine-laboca.jpg15argentine-laboca.jpg16argentine-laboca.jpg18argentine-laboca.jpg19argentine-laboca.jpg20argentine-laboca.jpg22argentine-laboca.jpg23argentine-laboca.jpg24argentine-laboca.jpgPeople in Argentina eat meat. A lot of meat! It is being cooked in large chunks :)
25argentine-laboca.jpg26argentine-laboca.jpg28argentine-laboca.jpgWe came back to the place where our tour started.
29argentine-laboca.jpgWe went to a gift shop which is also a bar.
30argentine-laboca.jpg31argentine-laboca.jpgAnd we went further.
32argentine-laboca.jpgThe guide advised us not to film here: there's a possibility of a stone being thrown at the car.
33argentine-laboca.jpg34argentine-laboca.jpg35argentine-laboca.jpgWe pass the neighborhood of Puerto Madero. We will visit it at the end of the trip.
36argentine-laboca.jpg37argentine-laboca.jpgWhite arrow with strings is the 

Puente de la Mujer bridge

. Let's cross it.
38argentine-laboca.jpgWe pass by the Retiro neighborhood. This is the 

Torre Monumental

 where the city museum is located. We will come back here after our tour.
39argentine-laboca.jpgWe arrived in the Recoleta neighborhood. We're going to the cemetery...
40argentine-laboca.jpgAuthor: Capi4ca
Translated by: Zoozi

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