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Argentine. Buenos Aires. Zoo

Capi4ca • 3 minutes read • May 23rd, 2016
These are the Patagonian maras. I liked them very much :)
1buenosaires-zoo.jpgVisitors are allowed to feed the animals, you can buy pet food there. Seeing a familiar package in the hands of visitors, pigeons, ducks, and peacocks start to tail after them.
2buenosaires-zoo.jpg3buenosaires-zoo.jpgThese are the parrots.
4buenosaires-zoo.jpg5buenosaires-zoo.jpg6buenosaires-zoo.jpg7buenosaires-zoo.jpgWhat a huge tree! This is ficus I believe.
8buenosaires-zoo.jpg9buenosaires-zoo.jpgMonkeys inhabit the island.
10buenosaires-zoo.jpg11buenosaires-zoo.jpgNutrias are swimming in the water.
12buenosaires-zoo.jpg13buenosaires-zoo.jpgWe went into the gift shop.
14buenosaires-zoo.jpg15buenosaires-zoo.jpgStrelitzia is blooming.
16buenosaires-zoo.jpg17buenosaires-zoo.jpg18buenosaires-zoo.jpg19buenosaires-zoo.jpgWe're coming out of the 

Buenos Aires zoo 

and going to the hotel.
20buenosaires-zoo.jpgWe will go down to the subway at the square of Italy.
21buenosaires-zoo.jpg22buenosaires-zoo.jpgWe go to the "Tribunales" station on Lavalle Square. Here's the 

Palace of Justice Buenos Aires

23buenosaires-zoo.jpgThere is 

Colon Theatro

 on the same square.
24buenosaires-zoo.jpgWe're going past it.
25buenosaires-zoo.jpgThis is the Teatro Colon on the other side.
26buenosaires-zoo.jpg27buenosaires-zoo.jpgThere's the familiar obelisk again.
28buenosaires-zoo.jpgAfter we came back to the hotel, we started to pack.Tomorrow we're flying to the glacier in El Calafate city.
Author: Capi4ca
Translated by: Zoozi

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