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Aros Museum In Aarhus, Denmark

o_l_g_a_r_i • 4 minutes read • July 13th, 2016
Now I will continue my review about 

Aarhus, Danemark.

At this time, I want to tell you about a museum to visit if you happen to go out when the weather is bad. 
The museum is officially called the "

Art Museum

", but it is emphasized that there are those other forms and types of art that "not only please and surprise, but also provoke, and force you to think").
Therefore, it seemed to me that even people who don't like conventional art museums, may find something to do here. Although, the usual pictures were also exhibited in the museum. Moreover, a collection of paintings by Danish artists, from the 17th century, and especially of the "Golden Age", is the second largest after Copenhagen.
The name Aros is the ancient name of Aarhus - Aros and a derivative of the Latin word for ars – the art.
It was built on the principle of "The Divine Comedy" by Dante, with all the circles of hell and paradise. Of course, hell is in the basement and paradise is on the roof. A huge rainbow has been built there, where you can observe a panoramic view of the city from the roof of the museum, in various colors.
Here's a view of this museum, located in the city center, a 5 min. walk from the Central Railway Station.
1aarhus-arosmuseum.jpgHere’s an inside view of the building.
2aarhus-arosmuseum.jpg3aarhus-arosmuseum.jpgWell, the hell is actually not so hellish. It was very dark in some places. All the works were based on sound and visual sensations, with the help of videos, etc.
Or, for example, mirror mazes, making you feel like you were standing on the 20th floor.  
4aarhus-arosmuseum.jpg5aarhus-arosmuseum.jpg6aarhus-arosmuseum.jpg7aarhus-arosmuseum.jpg8aarhus-arosmuseum.jpg9aarhus-arosmuseum.jpg10aarhus-arosmuseum.jpg11aarhus-arosmuseum.jpg12aarhus-arosmuseum.jpg13aarhus-arosmuseum.jpg14aarhus-arosmuseum.jpg15aarhus-arosmuseum.jpg16aarhus-arosmuseum.jpg17aarhus-arosmuseum.jpgThere was another exhibition of works on the theme of hunting.
18aarhus-arosmuseum.jpg19aarhus-arosmuseum.jpgAs for the rest, I advise you to visit the 


and see the other rooms :) 
20aarhus-arosmuseum.jpgAuthor: o_l_g_a_r_i
Translated by: Zoozi
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