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Around Oahu Island. Honolulu, Hawaii

Nefer • 4 minutes read • September 27th, 2016
Here’s the observation deck on Makapu'u Beach. It is said that the rock in the ocean looks similar to a swimming rabbit.
2around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpgThe mountains look unrealistic. It was a pity that the photo does not fully show that.
3around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpgThe next step of on program was swimming in the ocean and then resting on Waimanalo Beach. There we had lunch. It was great!
4around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpg5around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpgAfter a rest, we went further. Interesting name - Mokulele Drive.
6around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpgThe weather can change at any time. There were clouds caught at the top of the mountain.
7around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpg8around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpgThe rock in the ocean is known as Chinaman's Hat. The locals joke that there’s a Chinese man sitting under water and only the top of his cap is visible :)
9around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpg10around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpg11around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpg12around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpg13around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpgWe arrived in the valley of the shrines.
The valley is actually a huge cemetery, where there are several temples of different faiths - Buddhist, Protestant, Roman Catholic.
14around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpg15around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpg16around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpg17around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpgPerhaps, the Buddhist Shrine Byodo is the most interesting structure in the valley. It was built at the foot of the 

Koolau Mountains

in 1986. It is a replica of the Japanese shrine and it is a popular tourist attraction.
18around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpg19around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpg20around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpg21around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpgHere’s Amida Buddha sitting on a lotus leaf.
22around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpgThere were swans, carps, peacocks. Perhaps it is exotic for America.
23around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpg24around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpg25around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpg26around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpgA peacock was begging for food from tourists.
27around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpg28around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpgHow do you distinguish Japanese-Buddhist graves from Chinese-Buddhist graves? By a last name. The Japanese last names are polysyllabic: Suzuki, Takahashi, Yamamoto, Nakamura, Matsushima. And the Chinese ones are syllables: Lee, Wang, Ming Zheng.
29around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpg30around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpgHere’s one of the temples in the valley. It seems to be Catholic.
31around-oahu-island-honolulu-hawaii.jpgThen we went to the 

plantation of macadamia nuts

Author: Nefer
Translated by: 

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