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Around the New York Streets. P.1.

Gian Luka • 5 minutes read • October 10th, 2015
I offer you a walk along the streets of this metropolis. Without any unnecessary comments.
In this post you will find a few skyscrapers and some habitual views of Hollywood from the movies . . . . no, this isn't 'Sex And The City'.
I want to show you the part 

New York

that I liked the most. Of course, I'll write a post with beautiful views, it's just impossible to talk about New York without some, but in this review we'll be downstairs, walking along the streets of the city, mostly in Manhattan. With the help of this post, I want to show you another side of Manhattan, which compromises of no less skyscrapers, and Central Park. Let's take a walk.

New York City

, especially Manhattan, is very different. I mostly walked the streets to the south of the bus station on 42nd street. Geographically, it is the center of downtown in New York, but here you can also find American trucks and small houses.

I was really pleased to see the old 

New York


Throughout Manhattan, to the south of Central Park, people were constantly in a hurry to get somewhere. Completely different people, but always in a hurry. The constant craziness of life here. 

Skyscrapers here and there, appeared before our eyes.

Personally, I prefer houses built in the early 20th century (maybe late 19th). These are such houses that I associate with New York, but not cloistered into the glass and concrete skyscrapers.

Life in the city was bustling.

Another aspect I liked about this city was the presence of a whole sea of small squares. Some with benches, some with cafes, some with the fountains. In fact, these squares were very pleasing to the eye in the midst of all the skyscrapers.

Nothing interesting. Just an Aston Martin on a tow truck. I thought these cars didn't break down . . . 

Apparently, I was not the only one who thought so.

It would seem that 5th Avenue would have decent boutiques, Louis Vuittone and so on. But no, 5th Avenue was a Bazaar.

Another square and skyscrapers. Beautiful mix of architecture and nature.

Empire State Building. As you can see from the other buildings, Manhattan is not just full of skyscrapers.

Near Madison Square Park.

There were also plenty of traffic jams. 

In the squares and parks there were many compositions of contemporary art, forgive me, Michelangelo.

Monuments and tourists.

The skyscrapers were different..

And this picture is one of the drawbacks, but at the same time it highlights Manhattan. Trash, dirt, scaffolding, expensive cars, mini-buses and postal service wheelbarrows, all in one place.

And 49 feet (15 meters) further, there was another a very beautiful part of New York.

I really liked the storm drains, which go straight into the subway. Interesting construction.

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Author: Gian Luka
Translated by: Gian Luka

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