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Around the New York Streets. P.2.

Gian Luka • 4 minutes read • October 11th, 2015
We continued our walk around New York City. Sometimes, there are markets in the squares. This is the 

New York

that isn't shown in films.

But the squares were really beautiful. It was good to see that the state takes good care of their landmarks and public areas.

We decided to look for the Ukrainian Museum, which is located near Cooper Square.

Typical street and mini skyscraper.

Elements of modern architecture.

Here is 

New York City

. Here you'll find old, beautiful buildings, as well as 'glass-buildings' and contemporary art. And all this in one part of the city!

Some houses looked quite depressing.

And here is another stroke of Manhattan, and this is almost in downtown. An abandoned car, cowered in graffiti. 

A lot of unclear parked equipment...

It was good to see that, even in the most concrete sections, they try to make places for rest, shade and greenery. Really well done..

Deeper in the East Village (sub-district of Manhattan) you can see the calmness and greenery. This is the part of New York I really liked..

But not this one . . . 


New York City

fire escapes. It is also one of the lasting associations of this city.

Also, there are many different churches in Manhattan that are bordered by houses. And the architectural style of houses is unique.

We made it to the museum, but it was closed. It's situated in one of the nicer districts.

Sometimes, local residents 'live' in the squares. He seemed to be comfortable. It's strange, but the police somehow don't really pay attention to that. Democracy, I guess.

And finally, a skyscraper for today. Although I liked the architectural solutions of the lower building, the roof (penthouses) was really beautiful.

So went further.
Author: Gian Luka
Translated by: Gian Luka

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